Max, Max, Max! It’s a name you should know if you’re a die-hard Ultraman fan, and a name you should learn if you’re new to the series. Ultraman Max, from the 2005 series of the same name, is making his English-language debut in Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy, and we here at Ultraman Galaxy simply can’t wait to see him on screen again! To help best inform you about the series, let’s take a look at a few of the things that distinguish Max from other Giants of Light throughout the universe!

A Hero Through History

Although many Ultras have done their part to protect the Earth, few can claim to have such a long-running relationship with the blue planet as Max. Originally in the role of Civilization Guardian, Max watched over his dimension’s Earth from ancient times. Though sworn to merely watch and study the burgeoning human civilization, he was forced to intercede when the otherworldly Tarla aliens, alongside their champion Gilfas, attempted to dominate the ancient humans. After driving them from Earth originally, perhaps it was destiny that had him defending the planet once again when they returned during the events of the Ultraman Max series. Max defeated Gilfas, and any future ambitions that Alien Tarla held for Earth.

Max Speed!

Max has many incredible skills and powers, but little distinguishes him from his fellow heroes quite as much as his stunning, almost-unbelievable speed. Max’s signature swiftness is so incredible that he has been referred to before as perhaps the fastest Ultra of all! Such speed ties into Max’s fighting style, of course, as the warring monsters Grangon and Lagoras discovered when the Ultra effortlessly defeated both of them at once, almost teleporting around them to take them down.

A Hero Never Fights Alone

Though Max is the primary defender of the Earth in which he operates, he is by no means the only one. His host, Kaito Touma, is a member of DASH (Defense Action Squad Heroes), Earth’s defense team, built to combat the increasing dangers caused by climate change, up to and including Kaiju! Dedicated to disaster relief as much as they are for combat maneuvers, they are the best humanity can provide to fight alongside Max.

In addition, when a threat is too much for a single Ultra to manage, Max can count on help from his friend Ultraman Xenon. First appearing to aid Max when he was confronted by the legendary Space Dinosaur, Zetton, Xenon only appears in the gravest situations, granting Max a light of hope in his darkest hours.

Inheritor of a Legacy of Battles

Max, though faced with a number of unique and terrifying threats to contend with, famously found himself occasionally battling foes and confronting mysteries reminiscent primarily of his forerunners, Ultraman and Ultraseven. It was Seven’s old foe Metron alien that Max discovered in the same old town where he once attempted to drive humanity mad with tainted cigarettes. Ultraman’s old foe, the unstoppable Antlar, could only be defeated with a similar Blue Stone of Baradhi to the one Science Special Search Party once used. Max handled these foes from the past with similar skills and aplomb as the Classic Ultraman giants once did.

As for Max’s place in Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy? It seems not even his great speed was enough to escape a trap set by Absolute Tartarus, a new threat to the Ultraman universe. But in the Land of Light, Max’s fellow Ultras are working on a plan to free him. Watch the epic drama unfold on the Ultraman Official YouTube Channel, every Saturday at 8 PM EST! And for more news, profiles, and secrets, keep your eyes on!