As Tsuburaya is aiming to make their ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube channel a place for fans all over the world to meet each other and watch their favorite hero, the studio has officially announced that it will be updating its content with Ultraman Z  catch ups, along with the exclusive release of Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes, and the upcoming Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy. Now fans can enjoy all of the series from this season’s lineup with English subtitles, as well as subtitles in many other languages!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Subscribe to the ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel!

Okay, this isn’t a real step, but you can’t blame us for trying!

Step 2: Check back for daily uploads!

These include series from the past and present, released on specific days!

Every Saturday: Ultraman Z

Watch the newest episode right after the initial Japanese airing! You can only catch the heroic adventures of the latest Ultraman on the ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL channel! Let’s chant his name…but watch it quickly! Each episode will only be available for two weeks!

Every Sunday: Watch with Zero

Select episodes filled with laughter and tears are being made available in most regions to help make these difficult times a little more enjoyable for children (and children at heart) who are stuck at home.

Every Monday: Ultraman Z Boost Program

This program introduces our fans to past episodes related to Ultraman Z (Zett) so that everyone can understand the hero and his world just a bit more. Audiences can check out the past interpretations of our STORAGE robots, monsters, and other guest heroes. Tune in each week to see what episodes are available!

  • English subtitles may not be available for certain episodes
  • The videos may not be available in certain countries or regions

Every Tuesday: Ultraman Max

In honor of the 15th anniversary of  Ultraman Max and to support the upcoming Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy, we are rebroadcasting the classic series for fans to enjoy around the world! For those unfamiliar with the series or Ultraman in general, this is a great way to jump in! The show “returns to its roots” via “a Science Fantasy series in the 21st century,” with each episode functioning as a complete standalone story: an easy watch!

This isn’t just for new fans, though. Red King, Zetton, Eleking, Alien Baltan, and many other popular monsters return in this series. Enjoy the many unique and timeless episodes this series has to offer, created by veterans who supported the series in the Showa (Classic ULTRAMAN) and Heisei (Second Generation) eras, including some enthusiastic creators who are well-known in the Japanese movie world!

*The videos may not be available in certain countries or regions.

Every Wednesday: Ultraman Zero The Chronicle (2013)

Tsuburaya is broadcasting Ultraman Zero The Chronicle in honor of the 10th anniversary of  Ultraman Zero

and in support of the upcoming Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy!

This program reconfigures the movies, TV episodes, and OV episodes featuring Ultraman Zero so that fans outside of Japan can enjoy the entire storyline from start to finish. The team has also created a new compilation with additional short segments that portray Ultraman Zero (ever-popular since his first appearance in 2009) and his many battles against powerful enemies, not the least of which is his archnemesis, Ultraman Belial. Modified from its original 2017 broadcast in Japan, it is a great way to catch up with a fan favorite!

*The videos may not be available in certain countries or regions.

Every Thursday: ULTRAMAN 80

Ultraman 80 is now forty years old, and to celebrate this amazing milestone, Tsuburaya is releasing episodes of that classic show as the studio counts down to the release of Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy. This tokusatsu drama found the hero Takeshi Yamato switching between roles as Hero of Light, an officer at the defense team known as UGM, and as a middle school teacher!

This was the last entry in the classic era of the franchise and features what some fans have argued is the peak of Tsuburaya Production’s groundbreaking tokusatsu special effects techniques that became foundational for television programs and films around the world!

*The videos may not be available in certain countries or regions.


Step 3: Turn on subtitles on YouTube

① Click on the video you would like to watch.

② Click on “Subtitles/CC” in “Settings” and select the language you prefer.

* Official subtitles for Ultraman Z are available in English and Chinese only.

③ Enjoy the episode!

Pretty simple, right? But that’s not all!

Coming this winter: Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

The eagerly awaited sequel to New Generation Heroes, Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy will begin broadcasting on YouTube in the winter of 2020 to celebrate the channel reaching one million subscribers. Stay tuned as the excitement continues with our newest series.

A special video from Ultraman celebrating one million subscribers:

To celebrate reaching one million subscribers, we have uploaded a special video to our ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube channel in which the Ultra Heroes thank all our fans around the world.


So, what are you waiting for? Go check out the Ultraman Official YouTube Channel and slake your thirst for all things Ultraman! Make sure to check back with Ultraman Galaxy for more releases, info, news, and media!