Anime Ultraman First Series NFT Collectible Line from Veve

Fastest Sellout to Date

The Anime ULTRAMAN first series of NFT collectibles from VeVe sold out in minutes after launching March 25. According to Daniel Crothers, ECOMI-VeVe COO and co-founder, “Ultraman Series 1 was the fastest sellout to date!”

Nearly 20,000 sets consisting of Anime Ultraman, Ultraseven, and Ultraman Ace from the 2019 Netflix CG animated series all minted from the actual computer models created for the show. Also in the set is Edo, the last known Zettonian after his race was all but wiped out by Ultraman during their prior attempt to invade the planet.

Next for VeVe, the focus will shift to the Classic ULTRAMAN line with the original Ultraman, Zoffy, Ultraseven, and of course Kaiju foes (and friends). Digital collectibles for more than 30 different Classic characters are in the works.

The VeVe app on the ECOMI platform, offering premium licensed digital collectibles using blockchain technology, was co-founded by David Yu and Daniel Crothers. VeVe 3D model figures and objects can be viewed and interacted with through a smartphone or tablet. The company has licensed a number of famous pop culture, gaming, sports, film, television and animation brands and of course, Ultraman.

“VeVe is a complete digital collectible experience that allows users to collect their favorite brands in limited editions as high-quality 3D models of what they might typically buy in a traditional hobbyist collector store,” Crothers explained. “So instead of getting a statue of Ultraman, you can now get it in a completely digital form. And with that you can do a whole lot of thingsyou can view it in Augmented Reality, set up your own virtual showrooms, update and customize the collectibles and then even sell and trade them in the secondary market. We have successfully brought that entire real-world experience over to the digital space.”

Collectors coming to the app early on will be able to purchase these items with a special ‘FA’ (first appearance) edition number stamp. “Whenever a collectible item enters a new medium, collectors have the opportunity to get the first appearance of these collectibles, much like the first appearance of Batman in a comic,” Crothers said. “The ‘FA” stamp really encourages any Ultraman collectors or fans to purchase these early editions, because one day these first appearances could be worth a lot more in the secondary market.”

VeVe digital collectibles retail from $10 up to hundreds depending on the brand, artist, or popularity. There are five levels of rarity, from common (3,000 to 5,000 pieces) through to secret rare (less than 250). VeVe digital collectibles come in three different formats, starting with a standard fixed pose, like a statue. There are also animated versions that can replicate a character’s moves and beam attacks, while the interactive format can be viewed and controlled in AR, acting as a digital toy as well as a collectible.


In a future update to the VeVe app, users can also customize their figures with bonus features such as armor, alternate hands and faces, weapons, and display stands that will sell from $.50. Crothers revealed that, “These are all limited editions. The whole idea is to allow users to create their own virtual dioramas…you can buy these extra items to customize your collectibles, so it’s unique to you.”


In addition, VeVe users will have access to their very own virtual showroom in which they can display their digital collection. “Every collector has a place in their home to display their collections, and that’s why we offer virtual showrooms. There will be a free one, but users can eventually buy themed and customizable showrooms. For example, a themed Ultraman showroom. And then we’ll also offer a selection of props and items that can be placed in there to present the collection in a fully immersive way.”

Dan Crothers added that users can easily buy, sell and trade with each other using the app. “Any collectible industry needs to have a secondary market to fuel it. And because this is quite a nascent industry, we wanted to offer a very frictionless market for users to deal with each other. But there would be nothing stopping a user from selling their collectibles on eBay; the buyer would simply provide their VeVe QR code to have the item transferred directly to them.”


With the geo-targeting features in the app, VeVe will also be able to offer event exclusives where users will need to be in a specific location at a specific time to access certain collectibles. The app will be able to drop virtual showrooms anywhere around the world, offering users a nice way to pass the time by browsing all products in 3D while standing in line at events.


“Again, we’re really trying to bring what people know and love in the physical world of collecting into the digital experience,” said Crothers. “And the cool thing with these digital collectibles, your whole collection is in your pocket and your phone at all times.”


VeVe is available now for iOS and Android. Check back at Ultraman Galaxy for more updates on this and other Ultraman content!

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