When Earth’s Defense Teams fail to defeat scheming aliens and destructive giant monsters, there is still one last chance in the form of the Ultra Heroes. Beings of light, hailing from Nebula M78, they are Ultraman, Ultraseven, Ultraman Jack, Ultraman Ace, Ultraman Taro, Ultraman Leo (who is from the Leo constellation), and Ultraman 80. Each stands over 100 feet tall, and each possesses a unique array of incredible powers—the better to defeat their gargantuan Kaiju foes.

By bonding with human hosts or having a human incarnation, they only turn into Ultras in moments of great crisis with their personal transformation devices. These heroes are awe-inspiring…and yet imperfect. Each guardian, in their own way, must seek for resolutions to the postponed issues while they dedicate to restore order and maintain justice, if they—and their newfound allies—are to survive. Together, the Ultra Heroes will never abandon their struggle to bring courage, hope, and kindness to the universe.

One of the greatest heroes of all time has arrived from the stars to defend humanity against a legion of monsters and aliens. As tall as a skyscraper, clad in red and white, and supremely powerful, only one name could properly convey the majesty of such a being—Ultraman.

Ultraman was the first of a number of Ultra Heroes who would protect the Earth for more than half a century now, each one unique in skill and arsenal, but united in purpose, and each deserving of the Ultraman title.

More than space warriors, Ultras also set an example for the human race. Their true goal is to help us elevate ourselves, realize our potential, and in doing so come to play a vital and positive role in the intergalactic community. These are the Ultra Heroes of the Classic Ultraman era.