The Ultraman franchise has one of the greatest rogues galleries in all of popular culture. Each monster and alien nemesis of the Ultras possesses a distinct personality, motivation, set of powers and abilities, and strengths and weaknesses. Some have become “stars” in their own right, spawning lines of products and merchandise, and returning to menace multiple generations of Ultraman heroes. Here are just a few:

Gomess, the Ancient Monster

Kanegon, the Coin Monster

Alien Baltan, the Space Ninja

Pigmon, the Friendly Monster

Jirahs, the Ruffed Dinosaur

Alien Mefilas, the Malicious Alien

Gomora, the Ancient Monster

Zetton, the Space Dinosaur

Eleking, the Space Monster

Alien Metron, the Hallucination Alien

King Joe, the Space Robot

Bemstar, the Great Space Monster

Vakishim, the One-Horned Terrible-Monster

Baraba, the Hitman Terrible-Monster

Ace-Killer, the Extradimensional Terrible-Being

Tyrant, the Despot Monster

Sevenger, the Monster Ball

Gymaira, the Vampire Monster