Sharp-eyed fans have noticed a placeholder for Ultraman Z episode 1 “Chant my name” on the Official Ultraman channel on YouTube from Tsuburaya Productions. Indeed, the full series will be returning in weekly installments over the course of the next few months, a rare opportunity to take in all the action one more time, especially now that we have been given greater context for the origin of Ultraman Zett and his Master Ultraman Zero after viewing the multi-dimensional fallout of Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy.

Fans were surprised to learn that Zett participated in the great battle between the Ultras of the Land of Light and Absolute Tartarus of the Kingdom. Young and inexperienced, but bold and determined, Zett threw himself into the fight, impressing Zero, who had not yet decided to take on the new student. Of course, reviewing Ultraman Z will raise a number of new questions. What will happen to Zett and Zero after Zett’s departure from Earth? How will they rejoin the epic fight against Tartarus? And will there be a Land of Light to return to?

One thing is clear, there will be a sequel to Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy. Stick with Ultraman Galaxy to learn more!