Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga, the latest Ultraman series from Tsuburaya Productions, will premiere in Japan at 9:00 AM on Saturday, July 10th to the delight of millions of Japanese fans. However, Ultraman is a hero across the world, and plans are now confirmed to bring catch-up episodes of Ultraman Trigger to the Ultraman Official YouTube channel.

Following the release model of last year’s Ultraman Z, western fans will be able to enjoy the complete adventures of Ultraman Trigger and his allies in GUTS-Select—the entire series—on YouTube after each episode airs in Japan! The first episode will premiere on Ultraman Official on July 10 (Ultraman Day) at 9:30 AM JST, which is Friday, July 9 at 8:30 PM EDT and 5:30 PM PDT.

All episodes of Ultraman Trigger will be posted in Japanese with English-subtitles. Be sure to watch them quickly! Each episode will only be available for two weeks, so fans should catch them while they can!

For fans who want to learn more about Trigger’s predecessors and the heroic history of the Ultraman franchise, Mill Creek Entertainment’s Classic Ultraman collections are available now on Blu-ray, with more on the way. Those who are curious about the “TDG” (Ultraman Tiga, Dyna, and Gaia) series to which Ultraman Trigger is paying homage can check out the final episodes of Ultraman Chronicle Z: Heroes’ Odyssey with official English subtitles, also on Ultraman Official.

Finally, Tsuburaya Productions is proud to unveil the English-language logo for Ultraman Trigger:

New Generation Tiga right here!

Ultraman Trigger Series Summary

 30 million years ago, the world was engulfed in terrifying darkness.
But that darkness was sealed deep in space by the Giant of Light.
His power spent, the Giant of Light sleeps in the red star, and is forgotten to time…

The Terrestrial Peaceable Union hurries to gather the expert team GUTS-Select, while Kengo Manaka lives peacefully on now-colonized Mars as a botanist.
However, his peaceful life suddenly comes to an end one fateful day.
The darkness that the ancient civilization sealed away breathes once more!
As a monster bears down on the Martian settlement, Kengo’s fate leads him to a chance encounter.

A chance encounter with none-other than the sleeping Giant of Light.
How will Kengo’s meeting with the Giant of Light influence his destiny and the destiny of Earth?
The Giant of Light is reborn after an eternity. His name: Ultraman Trigger!

Ultraman Trigger Production Overview

 Broadcast Start Date: 7/10/2021 (Saturday)

Broadcast Time: Every Saturday from 9:00~9:30 AM (JST)

Broadcast Channel: TXN Network and others

Production Companies: Tsuburaya Productions, TV Tokyo, and Dentsu

Official Series Website (Japanese): http://ani.tv/ultraman_trigger/

Official Global Tsuburaya Website: https://en.tsuburaya-prod.co.jp/

Official North American ULTRAMAN Website: https://ultramangalaxy.com/

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/TsuburayaGlobal

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tsuburayaglobal

Actors: Raiga Terasaka, Runa Toyoda, Shunya Kaneda, Tadashi Mizuno, Meiku Harukawa, Katsuya Takagi, Kei Hosogai, Shin Takuma and more

Voice Actors: M・A・O, Sumire Uesaka, Maki Shunichi, Ryosuke Takahashi

Main Director: Koichi Sakamoto

Series Composers: Naoki Hayashi, Jyunichiro Ashiki

Directors: Masayoshi Takesue, Kiyotaka Taguchi, Takanori Tsujimoto, Tomonobu Koshi, Naoyuki Uchida

Screenplays: Toshizo Nemoto, Keigo Koyanagi, Sotaro Hayashi, Sumio Uetake, Jun Tsugita