Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga, the 55th anniversary entry to the long running Ultraman series features not only many new and exciting moments for fans new and old, but also features many Easter eggs and callbacks to the franchise’s 30th anniversary show, Ultraman Tiga. A tribute to Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Trigger’s first episode is chock-full of nods to its predecessor that eagle-eyed fans can spot.

The mysterious Giant, Carmeara, who battles Ultraman Trigger in the first episode is inspired by a Dark Giant of a similar nature, Camearra, from Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey film. In the film, Camearra was the former lover of Ultraman Tiga before he turned away from the darkness and became a hero. While Carmeara’s true origins and her relationship to Ultraman Trigger is currently unknown, it seems that perhaps she and Trigger may share a similar history.

The Mars setting of Episode 1 is a callback all the way to the first episode of Ultraman Dyna, the sequel to Ultraman Tiga. In Ultraman Dyna, Mars has finally been colonized, and is where Asuka battles the Synthetic Monster Darambia, making this episode not only a tribute to Ultraman Tiga, but Ultraman Dyna as well! The plant that Kengo has been nurturing, R’Lyeh, shares the same name as the Ultra-Ancient Civilization from Ultraman Tiga, could they be connected…?

The mysterious woman who Kengo sees while at his Martian greenhouse, is a nod to Yuzare, the member of an ancient, and advanced human civilization that Tiga once defended long ago. While the name and origin of this being is still shrouded in mystery, it’s clear that she is indeed, an analogue to the Yuzare from long ago.

The opening title sequence itself, is even a near-perfect recreation of Ultraman Tiga’s, down to the style and sound effects!  

GUTS-Select, the latest version of the defense team found in Ultraman Tiga and Ultraman Dyna features a reference not only to those shows, but to Ultraseven and Ultraman Gaia as well! Here, GUTS-Select’s aerial HQ, Nursedessei is a reference to the original GUTS’s Artdessei. But the ship also pays homage to the robotic dragon Nurse from Ultraseven, as well as the Aerial Base utilized by XIG from Ultraman Gaia. Additionally, the new GUTS Falcon is an update of the original GUTS’s signature aircraft, the GUTS Wing.

Kengo finds the statue of Trigger deep beneath an underground pyramid on Mars. This pyramid, the remnant of the Ultra Ancient-Civilization, is a nod to how Daigo Madoka first encountered Ultraman Tiga in the 1996 show. This scene itself is also a tribute to Ultraman Gaia’s premiere episode, as Gamu gained the powers of Ultraman Gaia after falling down a deep hole like Kengo!

Trigger’s first opponent is the monster Golba! Golba himself is a fusion of the first monsters that Ultraman Tiga battled himself, Golza and Melba. This new, combined version of the monsters features both of their respective powers, making Golba a dangerous two-in-one threat, especially when paired with the spectacular laser-whip-cracking Carmeara!

Ultraman Trigger’s first episode promises all sorts of twists and turns for the 55th anniversary, all while paying tribute to the past. Keep up with Trigger’s adventures every Friday on the ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube channel!