The ultimate trading card publisher, RRParks Cards, is launching a Kickstarter to herald the release of a new series of Classic ULTRAMAN cards and we cannot wait to get our hands on them! The promotion was activated on March 23, 2021 and will run through the end of April, giving Ultraman fans a month-long opportunity to back their most epic card set yet.

The Kickstarter launches here:

We spoke with company founder Richard Parks about what to expect and we were not disappointed!

Starting with a bang, the series includes a base set of 67 different cards, each representing an iconic scene from every single episode of Ultra Q and Ultraman. The front of each card will provide the episode title and an image, and the back will have the more technical data such as original air date, plot synopsis, and a card number corresponding with the sequential number of each episodes. With this set, fans can have a window into every episode at their fingertips!

The series also includes a 90 card subset of Kaiju Puzzle Backs which contains a card for every Kaiju and alien shown in Ultra Q and Ultraman. Given the name, it would make sense that the back of each card functions as a puzzle piece. Collectors will be able to complete 10 different puzzles at 9 cards each.

Next up is the impressive Sketch Card Promo Gallery, which features 45 original cards designed by a team of 92 leading artists. Sure, they’re called sketch cards, but you’ll see for yourself that these are more like miniature masterpieces.

Additionally, there’s another subset of rare Original Art Sketch Cards, one of which will be available in each 36-pack box and Deluxe Pack Tuck Box. All are merited by the artist’s signatures on the backs so we collectors can flex the uniqueness of each card.

Maintaining the theme of illustrated, limited edition cards, the Macarie Portrait Gallery subset contains a more conservative 11 cards with graphite realism portraits of Ultra Q and Ultraman leading human characters. Ultra Q cards are an intense black and white while Ultraman cards are in vibrant color. This subset is extremely rare, specially designed for this specific set, with each card marked with a limited edition number.

While every subset is stellar, our personal favorite has to be the 3D Anaglyph Set of 18 different cards. This set is reminiscent of the classic red-blue-3D-glasses kind of illustrations one might have seen in 1950s superhero comics or 1980s cereal boxes. The best part is that this card assortment also includes a free pair of two-tone red and blue glasses in each box! No need to go hunting around the attic for these relics! The backs of these cards will have the card number and a small vignette of the next card in this subset’s series.

Continuing with the immersive concept, the Lenticular Motion Card is a subset that carries 9 different action cards, each depicting a scene from the Ultraman series. The action picks up with between 6 and 9 sequential frames of film that, when pivoted in the hand, unfolds real time action before your eyes. Just like the Anaglyph set, the backs of these cards also show the card number and a vignette of the next card.

However, the 2D cards can be just as unique and quirky, with examples such as the Elisabetta Stoinich Portrait Gallery set with 12 full-color portraits of the Ultra Q and Ultraman actors. This subset is endearing and more personal as the backs include the evolution of the artwork displayed on the front of the card with raw rough sketches and inked line work.

Alternatively, there’s the more uniform and equally as exciting, Metal Box Topper set. This features 9 actual metal cards Not metal finish. Real. Solid. Metal. With an enamel “fired in a kiln” appearance to them, with a high-gloss finish in white, these pieces are something to write home about, we can tell you firsthand. They do justice to classic Ultraman scenes, each card representing a different moment in the series, all spotlighting Ultraman himself. These showpieces, produced by Faerie Metal, come with an authentication certificate attached on the back so we know they’re the real deal.

But wait! There are stickers too! Now our Ultraman collections can actually break the fourth wall and come to life wherever we choose. The Retro Style Stickers are a 10 sticker set, each in the style of the silhouettes from the opening credits backed with that evocative Ultra Q swirl. This gives collectors the opportunity to decide whether we’re gonna brag about our elite Ultraman cards on the inside of our albums or be—rightfully—cocky and exhibit them on the outside.

The personalization doesn’t stop there though, because there’s also a never before seen DIY sketch card. It goes without saying that Ultrafans tend to be an imaginative bunch and now we can exercise our own creativity by customizing one of a kind blank sketch cards. These cards are just as authentic as any of the others with the same high quality formatting, produced on high end stock. To keep it cohesive with the rest of the sets, there are Ultraman graphics on the back, but the front is free range for any art material ranging from pens to watercolor to pencils to acrylic paint. You can come up with a Kaiju of your own, draw a character from reference, or maybe get into the action and cook up a portrait of yourself in a Science Patrol uniform.

Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the set everyone is scrambling to get their card protecting nitrile gloved hands on—the Autograph Cards. Actors Susumu Kurobe (Hayata), Hiroko Sakurai (Fuji) and Bin Furuya (Ultraman himself) have dedicated their own time to hand sign roughly 100 cards that were sent to Japan. These limited production cards will be randomly inserted into different Tuck Box Cases, so it’s anyone’s game.

These metal cards are not sticker autographs, they are not mass signed on translucent paper and stamped onto cards, like some franchises use. No, these are directly autographed, and the proof is in the pudding. Each card back is also a certificate of authenticity and features a COA showing the actors signing the cards. I need one, you need one, we all need one, and we’d better get hunting fast.

RRParksCARDS’ tradition of having the box packaging designed with Mini Clip-Out Cards (including Three Stooges, Sharknado, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and other sets) continues with Ultraman. Each case has been printed on both sides (inside and out) with a myriad of mini cards that can be clipped right out of the box. For Ultraman, there are 39 mini cards, reminiscent of the 1970s mini cards published in Japan for Ultraman. Each mini card features a Kaiju or alien on the front, and a marbled full color graphic on the back (with a mini Ultraman!), numbered sequentially #1-39. Plus, there is a trading card series ‘header card’ on the bottom of the box to clip out and serve as the ‘intro card’ for your card collection.

This will be RRParks’ 30th Kickstarter of over 40 trading card series. Those who choose to pledge to this promotion will receive exclusive deals at values that will be unmatched once the Kickstarter closes. The development of Ultraman Series 2 is already in the works and will extend some of the subsets such as the Kaiju Puzzle Backs, so get ready to make some room on those pocket pages, because the Ultraman trading card journey is just getting started!

Don’t forget that you can play an active role in that journey yourself by contributing to the Kickstarter, and get rewarded too, donations of a certain amount will be reciprocated with Master Sets, which will no longer be available once the Kickstarter is over. You can get in on the action on the RRParks Facebook page as well as in the link below!

Again, here’s the link to the campaign — spread the word!