Ultraman fans everywhere can rejoice as their Classic Ultraman collections take another step towards completion with the release of Ultraman Taro on Blu-Ray, thanks to Mill Creek Entertainment and Tsuburaya Productions!

Ultraman Taro is the sixth entry in the Ultraman franchise, premiering in Japan in April 1973.  After being scouted to the Earth defense team ZAT (Zariba of All Territory), young boxer Kotaro Higashi is severely injured during a Kaiju attack. At the chasm between life and death, Mother of Ultra appears and saves Kotaro by merging his life with a young Ultra Hero, thus giving birth to the sixth Ultra Brother…Ultraman Taro!

Taro’s story is one of growing up; many of his monsters are straight out of children’s literature and folklore, or related in some way to the challenges of coming of age. Perhaps this was why they are some of the strongest threats ever faced by the Ultras! From alien despots like the mad Temperor, or quirky creatures like the mochi-filled Mochiron, Taro’s crusade as an Ambassador of Light is not an easy one.

Thankfully, he has his beloved family to help him out. His sworn comrades, the Ultra Brothers, as well as his parents, Mother and Father of Ultra, come to his aid when things get a little too dicey. And, of course, ZAT is a team full of eccentric characters, and they are committed to securing world peace alongside the Giant of Light. With powerful techniques like the Strium Beam, and the explosive Ultra Dynamite technique, Taro grows with each encounter, towards adulthood and self-reliance, as does Kotaro. What awaits them at the end of their road?

Psychedelic effects and strange, magical realism help Taro establish itself as a unique series in the Classic Ultraman era. With moments like the advent of the terrible chimera Tyrant in episode 40, or the harrowing threat of the ungainly but murderous Birdon in one of the first three-episode stories in the Ultraman series, (17, 18, and 19), some of the most unique and memorable moments and characters mark Ultraman Taro as their home.

Check out this preview clip from Ultraman Taro and you’ll see what we mean!

The SteelBook® and standard Blu-ray releases of Ultraman Taro will each contain stunning high definition video for all 53 half-hour episodes with DTS-HD Master Audio of the original Japanese soundtrack with English subtitles. Digital redemption will also be available via Mill Creek Entertainment’s streaming service, movieSPREE. For more profiles of new and upcoming Mill Creek Ultraman releases, keep your eyes on UltramanGalaxy.com!