Starting on March 6, 2020, Japanese audiences will be pouring into theatres nationwide to catch the premiere of Ultraman Taiga the Movie: New Generation Climax. A sequel and epilogue to 2019’s smash hit Ultraman Taiga television series, the movie will feature every Ultra hero introduced since 2013’s Ultraman Ginga, collectively known as the New Generation Heroes.  The eleven heroes find themselves up against perhaps the greatest threat of all, in the form of the evil Ultraman Tregear, and the dread monster known only as Grimdo. However, there is a glimmer of light—when the hopes of the heroes come together, the majestic Ultraman Reiga is born! An all-new super combination of all New Generation Heroes, Reiga is destined to be the talk of the galaxy.

Ultraman Taiga is the latest entry in the Ultraman Series, now entering its 54th year. Featuring the son of classic hero Ultraman Taro, Taiga has distinguished itself from its predecessors by introducing a trio of Ultra heroes working together, each from a different universe and featuring three distinct designs. Continuing the series’ standard of high-quality special effects and compelling storylines for children and adults alike, Taiga continues the saga with Ultra heroes that hail from the Land of Light.

Ultraman Taiga the Movie: New Generation Climax premieres in theatres across Japan on March 6, 2020.