Revolutionary is what it is!

ULTRAMAN is set to be one of the first “Mapmojis” in a new innovative social app called PINZA.

Ultraman is everywhere in this map-based app connecting users in towns and cities around the world. Available free on iPhone, with Android arriving down the line.

The name of the app, PINZA, comes from the idea that users can drop pins to add your photos and videos to real world locations. Ultraman avatars transform you into various Ultraman characters.

Add your pictures and videos from a new sushi restaurant, or your map of all the best comic book stores in town. Share them with friends and family in private or group chats/maps, or you can make them public for your followers to check out your custom Pinza maps.

All of which is going to be made all the more awesome by the addition of Ultraman. After all, what isn’t improved with more Ultraman?

ULTRAMAN’s Ultra Maps

Tsuburaya Productions, through The Licensing Group, has teamed up with Pinza to be one of the first to bring you these customized map avatars. Pinza is a totally free app to use, but you can buy “MapPacks” from its in-app store, which give you a variety of avatars that appear on your Pinza maps. Your followers will see you on the live map as this cool new Ultraman avatar, instead of simply a profile picture.

There will also be limited edition collectible MapPacks, with all your favorite Ultraman characters, poses, kaiju and more, on sale for a limited time in the Pinza store.

Pinza offers a huge range of individual cinematic mapmojis which will be delivered on a weekly basis, so you can use the characters, creatures, and creations that you love the most.

Watch for the new series of collectible Super-Deformed packs coming, each of which contains a whole collection of cute and cool cartoon-style kaiju! With these, you’ll be able to change which Ultraman monster, or which Ultraman character is stomping around your city every day of the week.

Become an ULTRAMAN

Pinza is launching its first beta version of the ULTRAMAN mapmojis on their app on December 15th. To transform into Ultraman from day one, you’ll need to get on the list to join the Pinza beta, as it won’t be out on the App Store for a little while longer.

Add yourself to the early access version of Pinza here:

Once you get into the app, you’ll be able to check out the store and all the ULTRAMAN goodies the Pinza people have designed for you.

Become an Ultraman!

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