This July 10, 2020, Tsuburaya Productions will be celebrating Ultraman Day on Ultraman Galaxy (

For anyone who has ever thrilled to the adventures of the Giants of Light, this will be an unforgettable holiday, filled with exciting announcements and offers, as the Ultraman franchise continues its quest to become a worldwide phenomenon.

On July 10, 1966, one week before the first airing of the Ultraman TV series, audiences got a taste of what was to come as a special promotional event was broadcast in Japan. Named Ultraman Eve: The Birth of Ultraman, this live-action event, filmed before a live audience, featured Ultraman, many of his Kaiju nemeses, members of his allies in the Science Special Search Party, and one very special guest.

Eiji Tsuburaya, founder of Tsuburaya Productions and the special effects grandmaster whose creative vision helped create these characters, took to the airwaves to introduce audiences to the Giant of Light for the very first time.

More than 50 years later, Ultraman is still going strong. With the ULTRAMAN franchise having returned to North America and being seen around the world, Tsuburaya Productions is thrilled to celebrate Ultraman Day on the official North America website, Ultraman Galaxy.

Over half a century, Ultraman Series are still being shown on TV in Japan and other countries in Asia. There have been Ultraman movies and live shows around the globe, and new generations of Ultras have been introduced. Today the franchise continues as the new series Ultraman Z premieres in Japan and catches up on YouTube, and September will see the release of The Rise of Ultraman from Marvel Comics.

Fans can take part in the July 10 celebration by visiting from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. PDT (1 P.M. to 5 P.M. EDT) and by visiting the Ultraman Galaxy website for additional fan information and to purchase exclusive Ultraman Day products at the new Ultraman Galaxy Store, which will launch the same day. Fans can purchase exclusive T-shirts, blankets, towels, and mugs for a limited time. Mill Creek Entertainment, publisher of many English-language Ultraman Blu-rays, will also release the exciting super-collectible Blu-ray, The Birth of Ultraman, which will be available to purchase online on!

Please join us July 10 on Ultraman Galaxy to learn more, and come to the ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel for a special message video from Tsuburaya Productions.