As fans all over the world are certainly aware, Ultraman Day is on July 10th. To celebrate with the entire global Ultraman community, Tsuburaya Productions and Iceberg Theory are staging Ultraman Connection Live: Ultraman Day, and not only will viewers get the chance to see never-before-seen interviews and content, but the first 500 people to buy a full-price ticket will receive a an exclusive commemorative FanSets pin!

Based on the Alex Ross painted art from the cover of Marvel’s The Rise of Ultraman #1, which helped usher in the new era of the Ultraman Series in the west, this special pin is emblazoned with the 55th Anniversary symbol, showing Ultraman prepared for battle. Fitting, as Ultraman Day this year will be a celebration of the rise of the franchise as a global powerhouse! The pin measures 2” tall by 3” wide.

Fans can only receive this pin by purchasing a full-price ticket, and there are only 500 of those! If you don’t want to miss out on one of the most stylish pieces of Ultraman Series merchandise in 55 years, pick your tickets up now at

Keep your eyes open for more surprise announcements for Ultraman Connection Live: Ultraman Day.