After 55 years, Tsuburaya Productions and The Licensing Group have endeavored to bring ULTRAMAN not just to western shores, but to western walls with a selection of top-notch images from It’s a Skin!

Founded in 2006 by two brothers in Huntington Beach, California, It’s A Skin is North America’s premier supplier of decals and graphic merchandise for walls, laptops, phones, and dozens of other devices. The company has since built a reputation for creating crisp, high-quality ways for their customers to personalize the things they own with the things they love.

We may be biased, but we think the new ULTRAMAN line includes some of the finest products sold by It’s a Skin:


The decal line, an appealing mix of realistic depictions as well as colorful, cartoonish redesigns, comprises a diverse range of characters, from a cel-shaded look at the eponymous hero himself, to a photorealistic look for his fellow Ultra Brother Zoffy, to a delightful series of super-deformed “chibi” characters that include Ultraman and a pair of the weird and bizarre Kaiju that the Heroes of Light have faced—King Joe and Dada.


The poster line is highly reminiscent of classic pop art, with sharp renders of various characters against contrasting colors that help the visuals pop. While several selections are perfect recreations of the dignified heroes and villains, there are also a number of “chibi” designs on offer, including one with a whopping 16 Kaiju, including monsters and aliens: a veritable who’s-who of terrific, tiny titans.


The laptop skin series is one of the most eye-popping collections of images ever to grace the back of a computer.  With imagery taken right from the show, fans can choose either singularly special moments, including the dramatic scene in which Ultraman breathes his last before his sworn brother, Zoffy, or some of the legendary arsenal of the SSSP, like their signature sedan, or the evocative SSSP shooting-star badge.


Finally, It’s A Skin swaps out decorating your walls and devices for adorning your feet, with its fun and creative line of socks. Featuring a number of highly creative designs, customers can choose either a pic of the hero himself, or more eclectic choices, like the countless replicating Baltans, or Ultraman’s saw-like Ultra Slash, or even every Ultra fan’s dream: dozens of the beloved monster Pigmon’s faces to grace your tootsies!

No matter how you want to decorate or accessorize, It’s A Skin has the perfect items to “Ultra-fy” your space.  Check out their catalog and see for yourself at, and for more licensed products and Ultraman news, keep your eyes glued to