Well, that was… Quite a lot, wasn’t it?

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy ended with a bang, and not a happy one for the heroes of the Land of Light. A warning before we get started: this article will have spoilers for the ending of Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy. We highly recommend you watch the series on the Official Ultraman channel on YouTube before reading this.

All finished? Alright, let’s get to it.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy is that it dramatizes some of the most epic historical events in the entire Ultraman mythos. Since Absolute Tartarus uses time travel as a tool in his complex scheme to achieve an unrevealed goal, we are given glimpses of such incredible moments as the Ultimate Wars, the origin of Father of Ultra, and the original fall of Ultraman Belial.

So rarely have the Ultras ever faced a true loss, but there’s little other way to describe it. Absolute Tartarus has succeeded, and Princess Yullian is in his clutches, trapped in the mysterious space created by the Absolutian. Though the Artificial Zetton Army has been defeated by the Ultra League and their allies, the parallel isotopes of Ultraman Belial and Ultraman Tregear remain, and have followed along with Tartarus. The Ultras are faced with a dire choice: Do they cede the Land of Light to Tartarus and The Kingdom he’s been mentioning, or leave Yullian to her fate?

Of course, if you’ve enjoyed the Ultraman Series before, you know that our heroes do not simply succumb to despair when faced with a seemingly impossible choice. And though Tartarus’ dire conspiracy has borne fruit, all is certainly not lost. Let’s take a look at the events, and consequences, of each of the three parts of The Absolute Conspiracy and see what comes next.


The first of Tartarus’ attempted sabotages of time and space occurred in the not-so-distant past, when a young Ultraman Ribut was first establishing himself as an Ultra Warrior. Attempting to damage the balance of peace in the cosmos, as well as rid himself of a few potential nuisances in the future, the golden giant resurrected Alien Sran who had once fallen in battle. Offering him a chance at revenge against the Ultras, Tartarus granted Sran a Maga-Orochi egg, as well as the insidious Gudis cells. Using them, Sran would attempt to consume the bountiful world of Mikarito. When Ribut and Max discovered Maga-Orochi while investigating the fading life signs of the planet’s ecosystem, Sran infests Max with the Gudis cells, which slowly infest and corrupt the giant into a monster for Maga-Orochi to feed upon.

At the same time, Tartarus sends out the twisted space white blood cell, Leugocyte, to cause further chaos throughout the galaxy. Encountering Ultraman 80 and Princess Yullian during a rampage on the world of Kanon, the beast was driven away, but its presence proved an ill portent for the Ultras. Returning to the Land of Light at the same time, 80 and Ribut share the dire situations they encountered, and a plan is set in motion. With only three days until Max succumbs to the Gudis infection, Ribut is sent to the training world of K76 to awaken his inner power under the tutelage of Ultraman Great and Ultraman Powered. At the same time Ultraman Hikari and Ribut’s childhood friend Sora synthesize an antidote to the Gudis cells. Elsewhere, 80, aided by Ultraman Neos and Ultraseven 21, hunt down Leugocyte before its rampage can cause more damage.

80’s mission is successful thanks to the unexpected aid of the Hero of Kindness, Ultraman Cosmos, and his partner Ultraman Justice. Taking advantage of the difficult battle, Tartarus reveals himself, descending to attack and wipe out a number of potential future opponents. However, before the Absolutian can finish them off, Cosmos and Justice combine into the deific Ultraman Legend and drive Tartarus away.

Ribut awakens to the power of his Silat technique under Great and Powered just in time for the Gudis vaccine to be completed, and he and his teachers rush to Mikarito to save Max. However, the half-corrupted Ultra fights back, compelled by the cells in his body. Thankfully, Ribut is able to deliver the vaccine and purge the infection from Max’s body. Unfortunately, Maga-Orochi had absorbed enough energy to hatch and attack, and Sran joins it, determined to see Max dead. Max’s partner, Ultraman Xenon, arrives to help even the odds, and the Ultras defeat the vicious monster.

Back on the Land of Light, the Inter Galactic Defense Force discussed the harrowing events of those three days, express growing concern about the golden giant that seems to tie them all together. Meanwhile, Tartarus, dissatisfied with Sran’s failure, returns the alien to death painfully, and proceeds to the next phase of his master plan…


The clock turns further back, far further, to the final hours of the legendary Ultimate Wars, where the beleaguered Ultras of the Land of Light mount a desperate defense against the monster forces of the evil Empera. A trio of Ultras in particular, Ken, Marie, and Belial, stand at the front lines as the dark emperor himself strides through the ruins of their home. Belial, straddling the line between confidence and dangerous egotism, seeks to challenge Empera himself, eager for glory and the affection of Marie. However, it turns out that the more soft-spoken and kindhearted Ken winds up wounding Empera and driving his entire army back after a short, but desperate duel. As a result, Ken would gain everything Belial craved, and go on to become Marie’s husband.

Belial’s bitterness and entitlement fester as Ken’s heroics earn him ever-greater accolades, culminating in his appointment to lead the newly-formed Inter Galactic Defense Force, as the Father of Ultra. Desperate to prove that he is deserving of everything Ken possesses, Belial attempts to steal the Plasma Spark that powers the whole of the Land of Light, only to be rejected by the mysterious artifact and horribly wounded. In the original timeline, Belial in his wounded state would be possessed by the ghost of the ancient conqueror, Reiblood, making him a Reionics  and one of the greatest threats to the Ultras in history. However, Tartarus instead intercedes, using his ability to travel through time and space, and tempts Belial with the mysterious power of The Kingdom. Belial accepts, becoming a powerful new ally to the Absolutian.

Millennia later, in a similarly tragic situation, young Ultraman Tregear finds himself on the cusp of a breakdown. Rejected from the Inter Galactic Defense Force, Tregear feels himself growing distant from his best friend and guiding star, the young Ultraman Taro. His already fragile state was broken further when he witnesses his idol, Ultraman Hikari, give into his anger over the death of the planet Arb and become the heartless Hunter Knight Tsurugi.

In the original timeline, Tregear drifted away from the Land of Light, becoming completely disillusioned with the Ultras’ ideals and finding both light and darkness equally hollow. He traveled to the demonic world of Borges, and there he would have taken in the eldritch demon known as Grimdo—if Tartarus hadn’t gotten to him first. The villainous Absolutian intercedes as Tregear accompanies Taro to study strange energies coming from the planet Deastar. Though Taro desperately attempts to talk his friend back into the light, Tregear embraces the meaning of his name—“Mad curiosity”—and departs with Tartarus to a place far beyond Taro’s each.

Newly arrived in the modern era, Tartarus has recruited two fallen Ultras, as well as other villains from the past, like the Guar Siblings that once menaced the Andromeda galaxy, to destroy the legendary Ultra Brothers. Though the Guars are defeated and destroyed once again, the alternate Tregear and Belial, empowered by the mysterious Kingdom, are able to beat their former comrades easily. They are only driven back, barely, after the formidable cavalry that is Ultraman Zero arrives. Satisfied that the Ultra Brothers will no longer be an impediment to his plans, Tartarus recalls Belial and Tregear before returning to the Kingdom himself, leaving the Ultras deeply shaken by the immense scale of the threat they face.


Preparing his coup de grace, Tartarus travels to Future Earth, where Ultraman Zero, Ultraman Dyna, and Ultraman Cosmos once fought the terrifying Hyper Zetton—one of the greatest foes of the Ultras. There Tartarus resurrected the horror’s creator, Alien Bat. He commands the alien geneticist to utilize the whole of his knowledge to create the most powerful version of Zetton ever. Bat succeeds, spawning the Space Fear-Demon, Zett, a Zetton with a “soul” that is capable of higher reasoning. Furthermore, he is given the ability to generate his own soldiers, the Artificial Zetton Army filled with countless iterations of the Space Dinosaur.

Set loose by Tartarus, Zett attacks Ultraman Taiga and his fellows in the Tri-Squad, who were training together on the planet Maijii. The three young Ultras put up a valiant fight, but the hordes of Zetton are endless. Meanwhile, on Ayaka City on Earth, Ultrawoman Grigio is training to protect Earth while her brothers, Rosso and Blu, are away hunting the dangerous substance known as Devil Splinters. She is approached by Ultraman Zero and invited to join a new team he is forming. Grigio happily agrees. Elsewhere, Tartarus inspects the sage-like Ultras’ homeplanet Planet U40, only to be caught in the act by Ultraman Joneus. Joneus manages to drive the golden giant away mere moments before Zero arrives, seeking to recruit Joneus for a new dream team.

Salvation for the Tri-Squad comes in the form of reinforcements from the Galaxy Rescue Force—Andro Melos and Ultraman Ribut. With the two experienced fighters joining their ranks, the Ultras are able to drive Fear-Demon Zett away, though they fail to finish him off. Immediately after, Taiga’s father, Ultraman Taro, requests his son and his allies return to the Land of Light, for a briefing on the threat being faced. Connecting the dots of Tartarus’ conspiracy, the various members of the Tri-Squad then proceed to train for the coming battle in their respective homelands: Ultraman Titas on U40 with Joneus, Ultraman Fuma meeting Grigio on the Crusador’s Peak of Planet O-50, and Taiga returning to the Ultra Colosseum of the Land of Light, where he reunites with his instructor, Ultraman Mebius. There Taiga meets Mebius’ current charge, the self-styled disciple of Zero, Ultraman Z.

The reunion between teacher and student is sadly short-lived. Fear-Demon Zett reappears on the Planet Ebil in time to shoot down the passing spaceship of Princess Yullian. The Tri-Squad, joining Zero’s Ultra League team, rushes out to save her and 80, her escort, joined by Mebius and the overeager Z (to be pronounced as “Zett” as well, coincidently.) However, even as they strike down Zett and the Artificial Zetton Army, Tartarus himself arrives—and the target of his machinations finally becomes clear. He is after Yullian, the beloved monarch of the Land of Light. He intends to hold her hostage so that the Ultras surrender their homeland to the Kingdom.

Though Zero and the others use all of their strength and cunning to protect Yullian, they are unprepared for and outmatched by the Absolutian’s incredible power—especially once his recruited allies Tregear and Belial joined the fray. Tartarus kidnaps the princess and delivers his ultimatum before disappearing with her through a portal of gold, leaving the Ultras stunned. However, even then, there is no time to dwell on their loss. At that moment, the monster known as Genegarg is now rampaging across the Land of Light, stealing the prototype Z Riser and Ultra Medals that were being prepared as powerful new technology. Seeking to prove himself to his seniors, Ultraman Z races off to deal with the crisis (and his adventures will be continued in the series Ultraman Z). Humbled by their massive defeat, the remaining Ultra League regroups. They must combine their strategy and wisdom to face the threat posed by Tartarus and the mysterious Kingdom.

Meanwhile, in her prison within the Kingdom, Yullian encounters a mysterious new giant…

The universe after Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy may look bleak, but hope remains. Perhaps the greatest threat ever to be faced by the Land of Light has appeared in the form of the Ultimate Life Form, the Absolutians, but overwhelming odds have never stopped the Ultras before. They will rise to the occasion as they have in the past, further mastering themselves and their incredible powers to defend the cosmos. However, many mysteries remain; Who are the Absolutians? What is the source of their incredible power? Why do they desire the Land of Light? And who is that mysterious giant Yullian encounters? The answers are unclear for now, but if you want to find out, keep your eyes locked on UltramanGalaxy.com!