A special series celebrating reaching 1,000,000 subscribers on the Ultraman Official YouTube channel, Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy will start today, Saturday, November 21 at 8 PM (EST) / 5 PM (PST)! The complete series will be a full ninety minutes of thrilling action, released weekly on Sundays in ten installments.

In Episode 1, released today, Ultraman Ribut (voiced by Wataru Komada and Josh Keller in the Japanese/English versions), who experienced a surge in popularity after the previous work, Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes, will be caught up with the rest of the Ultra Heroes in an “Absolute Conspiracy,” while Absolute Tartarus (voiced by Junichi Suwabe and Walter Roberts in Japanese/English versions), a mysterious golden giant who holds the key to this conspiracy, pulls the strings behind the scenes.

In future episodes, even more Ultra Heroes will have long-awaited team-ups and competitions. Please look forward to it!

Japanese and English versions will release simultaneously worldwide on YouTube, together with official subtitles in three languages: Japanese, English, and Chinese.

If you listen to both the Japanese and English versions, you might discover something new. Give it a try!

Subscribers to the channel will be alerted in advance of the weekly premieres! You can subscribe by opening the Ultraman Official YouTube channel and clicking “Subscribe”—and you will also get updates on the latest Ultraman developments.

Subscribe now so that you don’t miss Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy as it updates each week on Saturday at 8 PM EST.

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