Attention all Ultraman fans and Marvel faithful!  The Ultraman Galaxy Merchmake store is now stocked with fantastic new products!

We start with a collection of official T-shirts, each emblazoned with one of the 9 covers from Marvel Comics’ The Rise of Ultraman #1! If you need a refresher on the options available, check out our breakdown of them here!

Did you miss out on the variant cover you wanted, or simply want to rep your favorite cover?  Now you can, with sweet pieces from legendary artists like Alex Ross, Yuji Kaida, and Adi Granov.

Next up is a terrific piece by artist and kaiju fandom fixture Matt Frank. Known for his wild, wonderful interpretations of monsters from all over the world, as well as his comic adaptation of the Tsuburaya Productions television series Redman, Matt Frank has most recently contributed artwork for the Ultraman Kaiju Kombat video game.  For this collection, he has prepared a line of shirts featuring two of Ultraman’s most famous foes. Fans can choose from a savage interpretation of the Skull Monster, Red King, or the ferocious Frilled Dinosaur, Jirahs. Each design comes on one of three sharp fashion tees.

Finally, Ultraman Galaxy is here to help Ultra fans dealing with the difficult state of the current world with its “Pandemic Collection” of masks.  With four designs, featuring Ultraman and his Kaiju foes, these masks help keep you safe, like the hero himself.

All of these lines are available now! However, the only way to get them is through the Ultraman Galaxy Merchmake store—or hit the Ultraman Galaxy Store link at the top of each page. And if you desire all the news that’s fit to print about Classic Ultraman, keep your eyes locked on!