After a one-month break in June, Marvel Comics’ second Ultraman 5-issue miniseries, The Trials of Ultraman, came back with a stunning fourth issue! The creative team of writers Kyle Higgins and Mat Groom and artist Francesco Manna are back with the next chapter in Ultraman’s Marvel adventures.

The Trials of Ultraman issue #4 was released to comic shops everywhere Wednesday, July 7, just in time for Ultraman Day! This issue had four great covers for fans to choose from. Let’s take a look at them all!


Rather than dealing with another rampaging Kaiju, Ultraman finds himself surrounded by the human forces that have united against the USP on the main cover for The Trials of Ultraman #4. This cover is again drawn by Arthur Adams, one of the most popular artists in the industry for more than 30 years A lifelong fan of fan of Japanese tokusatsu film and television. He was finally able to do his first official Ultraman artwork was a Kaiju-packed variant cover for The Rise of Ultraman #2. Adams was then tapped as the lead cover artist for The Trials of Ultraman series. The cover colors are by Rachelle Rosenberg, whose credits include Captain Marvel, the Spider-Man and Star Wars titles, and Adams’ covers for the first three issues of The Trials of Ultraman.


Last year’s cover for The Rise of Ultraman #2 inspired Art Adams to begin drawing more classic Ultraman monsters for his own enjoyment. That series of illustrations are now being used for the interconnected The Trials of Ultraman variant covers, each focused on a favorite monster or alien from the 1966 Ultraman television series. The first three variants not-so-coincidentally featured the Space Monster Bemular, the Space Ninja Alien Baltan, and the Transparent Monster Neronga, the first three villains from the Ultraman show.  #4 continues that trend with the Primordial Amphibian Ragon from Ultraman episode 4: “Five Seconds Before the Explosion.” Ragon was first introduced in Ultra Q episode 20: “The Primordial Amphibian Ragon,” making it the first Ultra Q Kaiju to return in Ultraman. Originally one of a man-sized species of mermen-like creature, Ragon was enraged and mutated to giant size after exposure to radiation.

This cover is once again colored by Jason Keith, who previously collaborated with Adams on the other Kaiju variant covers as well the one for The Rise of Ultraman #2. Only 1 in every 25 copies will use this cover, making it the hardest to find, so if you see it, don’t miss out!


The third variant for The Trials of Ultraman #4 is a photo cover using an early publicity still taken for the original Ultraman television series. This cover shows the Giant of Light battling an unfinished Neronga, which would later appear in Ultraman episode 3: “Science Patrol, Move Out!” after its symbolic yellow colors were added. This file photo came from the archives of Tsuburaya Productions and was lovingly restored for its Marvel Comics appearance by Starlight Runner’s own Creative Director, Chrysoula Artemis. Only 1 in every 10 copies will use this cover. To see the Ultraman vs. Neronga episode, fans can pick up Ultraman: The Complete Series from Mill Creek Entertainment!


The final variant cover is by Matt Frank, an artist who previously created one of the variants for The Trials of Ultraman #1. Frank is no stranger to Ultraman fans, having illustrated several official monster shirts and collectibles. His latest cover presents an all-out war with Ultraman, the Science Patrol, and Pigmon facing off against the likes of Alien Baltan, Jirahs, Gomora, Red King and Zetton! This image can also be found on the backboard of the Ultraman: Kaiju Rumble pinball machine from Spooky Pinball. For more information on this amazing image, check out Secrets of Matt Frank’s Ultraman Spooky Pinball Artwork.

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The Trials of Ultraman #4 went on sale July 7, 2021, at comic shops everywhere. Make sure to pick it up, and keep your eyes glued to for more news from Tsuburaya Productions and Marvel Entertainment!