The rare Birth of Ultraman show is documented in this Blu-ray disk from Mill Creek Entertainment.

Fifty-five years ago, the celebrated landmark television show, Ultraman, hit Japanese airwaves, launching an entire galaxy of stories and characters that have thrilled fans for generations. And on July 10th, one week before the premiere of the original Ultraman, the special, The Birth of Ultraman aired on Japanese TV, cementing a tradition that will be celebrated for decades.

Ultraman Day honors the hero’s first appearance on Japanese television, and through the years, has been a time for fans to celebrate Ultraman, and his entire galaxy of friends and enemies with special interviews, concerts, stage shows and merchandise. However, the holiday was born from a very special TV special—Ultraman Eve: The Birth of Ultraman, Ultraman’s true first onscreen appearance. 

The Birth of Ultraman was a televised stage show, performed in front of a live audience at Suginami Koukaidou Hall in Tokyo on July 10, 1966. The show featured a who’s who of Kaiju, featuring the likes of Kanegon, Red King, Alien Baltan, M1, Antlar and Chandlar, summoned through the machine of the mysterious Dr. Monster. The SSSP, who are called in to deal with the troublesome monsters, soon find themselves overwhelmed by the beasts. However, the tide is turned by Ultraman himself, who makes his first, enigmatic appearance and battles the creatures. The special then reveals highlights of the upcoming series, showing off some of Ultraman’s exciting battle with the invisible monster Neronga from episode 3.

The program even features the legendary Eiji Tsuburaya himself, taking the stage with his soon to be famous creation.

While The Birth of Ultraman may seem humble today, its effect created massive ripples. Ultraman has come a long way from his television debut back in 1966, and now, on July 10, 2021, fans from all around the world can come together to celebrate the epic, 55-year history in the special anniversary event Ultraman Connection Live: Ultraman Day.

The event will begin with an interview with members of the creative staff of Marvel’s Ultraman comic series. After that, fans will be transported to Japan for an incredibly rare chance to meet Susumu Kurobe, the original Shin Hayata, Hiroko Sakurai, the original Akiko Fuji, and Bin Furuya, the original suit actor for Ultraman, as they are interviewed and talk to English-speaking Ultraman series veteran, Sean Nichols, about the show they helped make into a global phenomenon. The talk will feature episodes of the show and their commentary.

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