Marvel Comics’ first Ultraman mini-series, The Rise of Ultraman, concludes with issue #5, arriving at comic shops everywhere Wednesday, January 6! This final issue will again have three amazing covers for fans to choose from, ranging from standard releases to limited editions. Let’s take a look at them all!


Jorge Molina has been the primary cover artist for The Rise of Ultraman, having drawn all of the standard covers since the second issue of the series. The popular comics artist and product designer, whose credits include the 2018 Spider-Man crossover event Spider-Geddon, the all-female Avengers series A-Force and multiple X-Men titles, plus covers for Avengers Assemble and New Mutants, is back with an action-packed illustration for The Rise of Ultraman issue #5. Here, Ultraman faces off against a beast described as “calamity incarnate”—Bemular! Longtime fans will recognize this space monster, as it was Ultraman’s very first opponent back in Episode 1 of the original 1966 television series.

“It was a great honor to work on Ultraman, not only for the great legacy this character represents but to finally pay tribute to a character I’ve followed since my childhood,” Molina explained to Ultraman Galaxy. “There is a certain mystery I love about his design that makes it a lot of fun to portray him, having so much past material out there makes it a challenge to find new fresh ways to draw him in a meaningful manner. I only hope I was able to achieve that and left an impression worthy of this great character.”


 The first variant cover is a stunningly atmospheric piece of Ultraman standing guard over the city by Kia Asamiya. Born Michitaka Kikuchi, the prolific Japanese artist has created many internationally acclaimed works under both his birth and pen names. His credits include manga series like Silent Möbius and Martian Successor Nadesico, the anime Detonator Orgun, Mobile Suit SD Gundam Festival, Record of Lodoss War, and production work on the Godzilla films and the television series Kamen Rider Fourze.

A self-professed fan of American science fiction and comics, Asamiya has worked with many well-known American characters and franchises, having illustrated the manga adaptation of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, written and drawn Batman: Child of Dreams, and produced artwork for Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men, Old Man Logan, Captain Marvel, Thor, Vision, and other titles.

Only 1 in every 25 copies will feature Kia Asamiya’s artwork, making it the hardest to find of the The Rise of Ultraman issue #5 covers. If you see it, don’t miss out!


The final variant for The Rise of Ultraman issue #5 is a photo cover using a publicity still from the original Ultraman television show. Taken from Episode 9 of the series, “Lightning Operation,” this cover depicts Ultraman putting a headlock on the Uranium Monster Gabora. This photo came from the archives of Tsuburaya Productions and was lovingly restored for its Marvel Comics appearance by Starlight Runner’s own Creative Director, Chrysoula Artemis. To see the episode that this cover is taken from, fans can pick up Ultraman: The Complete Series from Mill Creek Entertainment!

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The Rise of Ultraman #5 goes on sale on January 6th, 2021, at comic shops everywhere. Make sure to pick it up, and keep your eyes glued to for more news from Tsuburaya Productions and Marvel Entertainment!