The Ultraman Connection Live: Sevenger Fight virtual event streams live on June 3, 2021 (9PM EDT / 6PM PDT) and the world is buzzing with excitement! A once-in-a-lifetime event like this, however, is more than online theatre.  Four special guests, each one tied to Ultraman Z, or the Ultra Series will be appearing direct from Tsuburaya Productions studios in Tokyo, Japan. Here’s the inside scoop on who they are and why this is a show nobody will want to miss!

Rima Matsuda (Yoko Nakashima)

A truly talented young actress, Rima Matsuda introduced herself to the Ultra Series and its fans with her slam dunk portrayal of Yoko Nakashima in 2020’s Ultraman Z, a role for which she has received international acclaim. Yoko, one of the main pilots of Sevenger, is also a featured player in Sevenger Fight, with Matsuda reprising the role in a voice-only capacity for multiple episodes. Perhaps she’ll be able to share a few secrets about what’s next for Yoko and STORAGE during the event!

Takaya Aoyagi (Shota Hebikura/Jugglus Juggler)

Takaya Aoyagi is one of the faces of the New Generation of Ultraman, having played villain-turned-anti-hero Jugglus Juggler in 2016’s Ultraman Orb. Having earned universal acclaim for his excellent performance of the complex, fascinating character, Aoyagi has reprised the role multiple times since then, most recently in last year’s Ultraman Z. Aoyagi portrayed Shot Hebikura, the captain of STORAGE, who at times transformed into Jugglus Juggler to cajole, menace, and ultimately stand at Zett’s side. As the captain of the team behind Sevenger, it makes sense that he’d be one of the major guests for Sevenger Fight!

Kiyotaka Taguchi

Considered by many fans to be one of the “Fathers of the New Generation” of Ultraman, Taguchi-san has been a vital part of the Ultra Series since joining the franchise during 2011’s Ultra Zone. Gaining the illustrious position of main director during 2015’s Ultraman X, Taguchi-san has distinguished himself through his masterful use of special effects and camera work, some of the best in the Ultra Series 55-year history. As the directorial mind between both Ultraman Z and Sevenger Fight, we can’t wait to hear production stories and secrets about the Ultra Series straight from the source!

Sean Nichols

Sean Nichols was first introduced to the Ultra Series audience in 2006’s Ultraman Max, where the young American played Sean White, the first westerner to be a member of a defense team in the entire Ultra Series. Since that time, Sean has become an ambassador for the Ultra Series as his work has expanded past the borders of Japan, through to the rest of the world.  For this first live English-language event, Sean has taken the reins as both guest and host, helping bring Sevenger Fight, as well as his fellow guests, to a global audience! Fluent in Japanese, he will be doing some translating for the rest of our guests.

All 4 guests promise to bring new perspectives and lots of fun to the Ultraman Connection Live: Sevenger Fight event, and with all seven episodes guaranteed to entertain, it should be a night that will keep any viewer glued to their seats! To find out more as we get closer to the June 3rd show date, keep your eyes locked on Ultraman Galaxy!

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A message from Kiyotaka Taguchi and Takaya Aoyagi