I was a little kid in the early 1970s and the only thing I loved more than Japanese anime were Japanese live-action monster movies. Back then, you could only see them in movie theaters, and for me that might be once or twice a year!

But then one day while I was visiting my family in Puerto Rico I was flipping through the channels and saw something that blew my mind: a huge monster was attacking Tokyo—one I’d never seen before—and out of the sky came this giant silver dude, shouting, “Shuwatch!” He wrestled that beast to the ground, and then he crossed his arms and this wild beam of light was fired across the sky, blowing the beast to kingdom come!

The monster was called Bemular. The hero? ULTRAMAN.

To me this was the greatest thing in the history of ever. Every summer, I would be eager to return to Puerto Rico to catch up on the adventures of my favorite superhero. Ultraseven, the first series to follow Ultraman, became my all-time favorite, because I loved the show’s darkness and Seven’s cool design.

Sadly, the many Ultra Series that followed Ultraseven would not make it to American shores. As I got older, I could only hunt for Japanese videotapes and DVDs at comic book conventions.

The Ultraman universe was deeply influential for me. The idea of a continuing series, one that was set in a vast multiverse of heroes, aliens, and monsters—but treated its young audience seriously. The fact that science was seen as cool and positive. The mature themes of exploration and problem-solving. The fact that Ultraman and his fellow Ultras were fundamentally good beings, paragons of courage, hope, and kindness. All of this would inform my work as a comic book writer, videogame creator, film and television producer, and teacher.

Now, in a beautiful twist of fate, I get to work with Tsuburaya Productions, producers of Ultraman, and Danny Simon and Carey Simon of The Licensing Group—helping to reintroduce this incredible universe to the world.

Join me and my team here on the Ultraman Galaxy website. We will be updating it just about every week with exciting new information about the Ultraman franchise as it gains momentum with new licenses and content across an array of media platforms.

And don’t ever let anyone tell you that your wildest dreams can’t come true!

Jeff Gomez
Ultraman Galaxy