If it’s not enough that the Ultraman Connection Live: Sevenger Fight virtual event will be featuring Kaiju stomping battle footage that has yet to be released in North America… There will also be swag! Souvenirs are arguably the best part of any live event and there is no reason that can’t be the case just because we’re digital. This sweet array of merchandise will be available for shipment across North America as well as internationally and all of the items will be available for purchase in the Ultraman Connection Shopify merch store throughout the event.

Classic & Anime Ultraman Collector Pins

In addition to the FanSets commemorative Sevenger Fight pin, which you can only get if you’re one of the first 500 fans to purchase a full-priced ticket, there will be a number of other FanSets Ultraman pins on offer. You’ll be able to purchase Classic Ultraman and Anime ULTRAMAN Collector Pins. The full set includes 19 pins ranging from 2″ to 2.5” at around $10 plus postage and handling each. But there will also be specially priced subsets of each on sale at the touch of a button. If you already have the Sevenger pin, what’s the harm in tossing in a Gomora, right?

Sevenger Fight Limited Edition Giclée Print

There is no way this isn’t the most epic limited edition numbered Giclée digital print you’ve ever seen. This custom Sevenger Fight print cannot be found anywhere else. It’s a collector’s item waiting to happen. Made by Nakatomi Print Labs and weighing in at about 80-pound stock, this 18” by 24” high quality print has as much personality as Sevenger himself. Not every image of Sevenger truly captures his power, but this one sure does. For $67 (includes free domestic shipping), your favorite fist-blasting robot (because isn’t he everyone’s?) can strike a champion pose on your living room wall forever.

Sevenger Fight T-Shirt

Want to take it off the wall and throw it on your chest? The same image from the custom poster is also available as T-Shirts. These are also produced by Nakatomi Print Labs and come in sizes ranging from small to 3XL. The price ranges from $35 to $37.50 (includes free domestic shipping) depending on size, which is worth it because Sevenger can make any of us look good.

Any combination of this gear is a good one and there’s no reason not to leave an event like this with arms full of memories. Stay tuned to Ultraman Galaxy, and we’ll see you at the Fight!

Click on this link to get your tickets to: Ultraman Connection Live: Sevenger Fight