One of the most exciting announcements for Ultraman Day was Spooky Pinball’s brand-new pinball machine based on the original Ultraman series: Ultraman Kaiju Rumble. This machine, limited to only 500 units, features sound effects and footage from the original series, but one of the most interesting draws about this machine, is the original artwork by Matt Frank.

Frank is a comic-book artist with a history of working with tokusatsu properties such as Godzilla, Gamera, Power Rangers, Redman, and of course, Ultraman. Frank’s artwork pays tribute to the original show, reimagined in his dynamic, signature comic-book style, allowing hardcore Ultraman fans to relive the classic series while they play one of the most unique pinball experiences yet.

While the machines themselves are sold out, you can find Ultraman Kaiju Rumble at better arcades across the country. Ultraman Connection is offering the video—which includes details about the machine’s amazing artwork—exclusively here on the site!