Thanks to Yesterdays, creators of some of the finest art pins on the market, and Tsuburaya Productions, fans of the Classic ULTRAMAN Series can now have a chance to join the Science Patrol, with the new SSSP Communicator Enamel Pin!

Founded by a trio of artist friends in Southern California, Yesterdays has long been known for their creative pin designs, sourced from classic and modern pop culture franchises, as well as important social topics. Not satisfied with simply converting existing imagery to enamel, Yesterdays works with talented artists to create true art that makes any lapel pop.

The SSSP Communicator Pin is one of the coolest designs that the company has produced. A recreation of the original 1966 show prop, the pin features a crisp red, white, and blue retro emblem on a gorgeous silver back. In addition, the communicator has a special feature right out of the show: a telescoping antenna that can extend to three inches, more than long enough to catch any “secret transmissions.”

The SSSP Communicator isn’t the only pin design that Yesterdays has produced for Classic ULTRAMAN:

Monster designs from across multiple series are being represented, from fan-favorites like Baltan and King Joe, to more obscure entries like Zazahn from The Return of Ultraman.

Even adored mascots are represented in a new, cartoony style, including the beloved Pigmon, complete with balloon on a chain!

Ultraman himself is obviously a mainstay, with pins of his signature pose and his calm, stoic face for sale.

Of course, fans of more obscure representations of the character may find themselves going for Live Rad Studio’s recreation of the classic “Ultraman Trike,” which, true to its name, features the hero putting the pedal to the metal in a bright, rainbow-wheeled tricycle. Yes, you heard that right.

Whatever preferences you may have for adorning your lapel, Yesterdays has got you covered; check out their store in order to get yours today and in the future! Expect to see a Yesterdays special offer on Ultraman Day this July 10th!

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