55 years ago, a Giant of Light appeared to protect the Earth from monsters and alien invasions. His name was Ultraman.

Now, PureArts brings the Netflix Anime ULTRAMAN version of the character to life in this stunning, limited edition statue featuring Ultraman locked in battle with powerful fan favorite Kaiju Black King.

Check out this incredible piece in this video:

PureArts studio is a globally renowned creator of collectibles, covering franchises from Resident Evil to Rugby World Cup. Today, June 15, 2021 at 1pm EDT, however, in our completely objective opinion, PureArts is releasing its coolest figure yet. One of the most epic battles in Ultra-history will be immortalized with PureArts’ Ultraman VS Black King ¼ Scale Exclusive Edition statue.

This treasure was created in time for the 55th anniversary of Ultraman. The celebration of an epic narrative, the respect for the characters used to tell this story, and attention to the details of the Anime ULTRAMAN aesthetic are so clear in this polyresin masterpiece. You can preorder the Anime Ultraman statue at www.purearts.com.

The tableaux depicts our hero, Ultraman, truly getting the best of his worthy opponent, Black King. The composition of the scene is comparable to a Grecian statue and yet it maintains the modern attitude of the incredibly popular Netflix version of the character.

Ultraman’s glossy chrome suit radiates power every way the light hits it in its perpetual mid-jump position. The metallic red and silver charge the scene with even more energy as he winds up in defense against the intense Black King.

Black King himself has a hint of metallic red in his piercing eyes, locking his line of sight directly on his opponent. Contrary to Ultraman’s sleek, modern finish, Black King’s ferocity lays in his hyper-realistic texture and matte outer layer.

Even as Ultraman’s mighty kick connects, Black King still roars viciously, exposing every detail of his lashing tongue and daggerlike teeth. You could practically smell his breath!

The Ultraman VS Black King ¼ Scale Exclusive Edition statue is available in either standard or highly limited edition. Standard edition is limited to 1500 total and includes an LED light-up system for Ultraman’s eyes and chest, and magnetic head and arm connections that are individually numbered.

The highly limited edition of 300 unites includes all of the above and laser arm blades and are only available at www.purearts.com. It’s a Kaiju eat Kaiju world, so if you’re a serious collector we recommend you hop on those preorders at 1pm EDT sharp and get your hands on these before their value skyrockets on the secondary market!

Preorder Ultraman VS Black King ¼ Scale Exclusive Edition here.