ULTRAMAN has been a global icon and merchandising phenomenon since the series was introduced in the 1960s. Please take a look at some of the exciting officially licensed products that are available or soon to come out!

Soon to come will be three 7” ceramic statues of Ultraman in silver, gold and Ultraman’s traditional red, with a target retail price of approximately $100. The Ultraman products are available in stores and online.

Bioworld is a pioneer of pop-culture products and has been a leading global manufacturer of licensed apparel and accessories for over 20 years. They have done this by going beyond merchandising and commerce; they cultivate self-expression through design and appreciation of fan communities.

Bioworld is launching licensed merchandise based on Classic ULTRAMAN, Anime ULTRAMAN, Ultraman New Generation Chronicle, and Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes, allowing them to help fans connect to the content they love regardless of the price point, style, or trend.

In the near future, fans will be able to buy Bioworld ULTRAMAN products such as: Apparel, Bags & Wallets, Buttons, Lapel Pins, Stickers, Patches, Keychains, Lanyards, Drinkware, Slides, and Skateboard Decks.

Changes is one of the largest producers of quality T-shirts, which are distributed internationally. Founded in 1974, they have products for such franchises as Aliens, Batman, Power Rangers, and the Walking Dead. Regardless of tone or item, their commitment to quality design has made them popular with diverse fan communities across the entire spectrum.

Changes has now turned its eye to Classic ULTRAMAN and Anime ULTRAMAN with much success! While the Ultraman Helmet T-Shirts have almost sold out at Hot Topic, more T’s are coming out this year and next. Changes products can be found in stores such as Spencer’s, Urban Outfitters, Pac-Sun, FYE, Target, Wal-Mart and others.

Welcome to the world of KAIJU KOMBAT.

A one-on-one, turn-based fighting game where the world of Ultraman makes up the characters and weapons. These assets can be won in competition or bought and sold in the open marketplace surrounding the game. High value characters and weapons provide high value moves, creating advantages in gameplay. In an environment where characters  and weapons are limited, skilled and invested players become more powerful over time. Launching Fall 2020.

As a producer of quality pop-culture products, Factory Entertainment will be introducing Classic ULTRAMAN and Anime ULTRAMAN merchandise in the coming year. The popular Collector Tin Tote is currently available at specialty retail, Amazon, and pop-culture retailers like Big Bad Toy Store, as well as through distributors such as Diamond Distribution and Entertainment Earth.

Factory Entertainment produces high-end collectibles for fans who want a piece of their favorite story world. From the raptor claw of Jurassic Park to Batarangs to the legendary “Golden Gun” of James Bond Fame, consumers will find top-quality replicas, statuary, and products that show off their passions.

Coming soon: The Beta Capsule prop replica! Check back for that and other ULTRAMAN collectibles, such as plush and home goods.

You can also find the Tin Tote at:

FanSets designs pins that make fans go wild! And the collector pins Fansets has designed for Classic ULTRAMAN and Anime ULTRAMAN will not disappoint.

FanSets is deep in the world of fantastic franchises such as Star Trek, Harry Potter and The Big Bang Theory.

They are thrilled to now be creating ULTRAMAN pins such as the SSSP collector pin, Ultraman’s Spacium beam pose, and Kaiju such as Gomora.

The following cloisonné collector pins are currently available on

  • SSSP logo pin
  • SSSP member pin
  • Classic Ultraman pin
  • Ultraman Netflix
  • Ultraman Gomora
  • Ultraman Ace

All pins are 2 to 2 ¼” and range from $6.95 to $8.95.

Check back, as more Classic and Anime pins will be coming soon!

Funko Pops! are an international sensation. These highly coveted figures have brought their trademark big-eye, “chibi”-style to numerous franchises, building a base of dedicated fans who are into collectability and pop-culture icons. Their most popular product: small (4”) vinyl figures of the most popular pop characters, created in the super-deformed style of big eyes and oversized heads.

Funko has created several Ultra Funko Pops! figures from the Classic Ultraman era for the market in their 4’’, vinyl-made style: Ultraman (including glow-in-the-dark and metallic alternates), Ultraseven, Ultraman Jack, Father of Ultra, and Ultraman Ace, as well as two Kaiju: Alien Baltan and Kanegon.

Just Funky creates a wide variety of products that resonate with fans due to their commitment to quality and authentic representation of characters and story worlds.

Their blankets based on Classic ULTRAMAN get great reviews and are available in Hot Topic, Stunned Mind, and Amazon.

Monogram International Inc. is a world leader in creating innovative licensed products sold in a variety of outlets such as souvenir shops, specialty stores, and theme parks.

ULTRAMAN fans will be excited about what Monogram is planning to make available in 2020: Anime ULTRAMAN 3D foam bag clips in Blind Bags, Ultraman Head pewter lapel pins, and the Ultraman figural bank. These items and others will be sold in Hot Topic and other specialty stores. Watch for them! is a website owned and operated by two artists: Mike and Glen, both equal in amazing beards and their passion for awesome hi-quality screen printed t-shirts for low low prices. At The Yetee, you will find a new amazing shirt every 24 hours, by amazing artists from around the world for only $14 USD.

You can find Classic ULTRAMAN T’s available on, including Kanegon, King Joe, Pigmon, a Spacium Ray long sleeve shirt, and Ultraman Kawaii Ultraman Transform.

The creators of collectible enamel lapel pins designed by three friends from Southern California, Yesterday’s topics are tomorrow’s influence. Their work includes pop culture references and retro-pop inspired designs, merging the nostalgia of the past with the methodology of the present.

Super fans of Ultraman will love Classic ULTRAMAN products like Pigmon with his separate balloon on a chain; the Science Special Search Party Communicator (SSSP) with an antennae that raises; and the well-known Bemular designed by noted pin designer Tom Whalen, among many others!

Yesterdays pins are available through the website:, and are sold at various cons throughout the year.