You might’ve noticed in the past year that Ultraman paraphernalia is on the rise in North America. The launch of Netflix’s Anime ULTRAMAN series, the release of new trading cards, Ultraman themed clothing lines, and even digital collectibles have paved the way for a complete Ultraman revival and now Monogram International is getting in on the action. We spoke to Trinity Conley of Monogram, and she filled us in on what’s coming up over the next few months.

There has been a surge in the popularity of blind bags, basically affordable little packages that each carry a collectible that is a mystery to the buyer until the package is opened. The goal is to accumulate a full set by essentially playing the odds. If you do know all about this, chances are you’ve experienced the anticipatory excitement that comes with unveiling your new find.

Now, Monogram is bringing Ultraman into the blind bag scene with their new Anime ULTRAMAN Figural Bag Clip collection. These foil packages each include a 2.5” collectible figurine attached to a plastic key ring. These guys are no fast food chain kid’s meal toys! They’re easy on the eyes and highly detailed. There are a total of 11 possible keychains, 9 of which are part of the classic cast such as ULTRAMAN ACE, Seiji Hokuto (who wears the ACE SUIT), Ultraman himself, and 2 unrevealed characters. Not to mention Monogram’s smaller collection of metal keychains, sold separately in clear packages.

The ULTRAMAN Figurals will be released in mid-May at Hot Topic, Box Lunch, Amazon and the Monogram website. We’re going to start our hunt for the complete set as soon as they hit and we’re sure you’ll be doing the same. Remember, we’re here to combine our powers with…and to fight together!

By the way, if you don’t have enough disposable income to buy new Ultraman merchandise or you already spent your stimulus check on Ultraman products, Monogram has figured out a solution for you. Three words: Ultraman Piggy Bank.

Monogram’s 8” Ultraman figurine/piggy bank is the perfect place to save up that leftover pocket change. Rising to his Spacium Beam stance, decked out in his classic red, this chibi-style plastic Ultraman figurine might look like any collectible you’d keep on your shelf, but this one is only $20 and serves a purpose. It’s available right now for preorder on the Monogram site and on and will be ready for retail by early July.

Monogram is bringing Ultraman to all new formats. To stay updated you can follow Monogram on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook through the following links. Oh, and TikTok. That’s right, Monogram is officially on TikTok. Welcome to the future!