In July 2019, Tsuburaya Productions announced that Indigo Entertainment (United Kingdom) and Mill Creek Entertainment would become a premiere licensee of the Ultraman franchise, and would be releasing the Ultraman television and feature film library on DVD and Blu-ray video. Releasing alongside the original Ultra Q would be the show that would provide a foundation for a massive superhero franchise spanning over 50 years—Ultraman.

Premiering in the summer of 1966, Ultraman featured an evolution of the science-fiction anthology format Ultra Q had been known for, with the introduction of the eponymous Ultraman, a 140-foot giant from a faraway galaxy, who merges with the heroic human Shin Hayata and fights alongside the Science Special Search Party to protect humanity from a cavalcade of monstrous Kaiju. Many of these fantastic monsters have left enormous footprints in the cultural zeitgeist of Japan, and are equally celebrated along with Ultraman. Featuring effects that were even more spectacular than its predecessor, Ultraman became must-watch TV for fans of all ages, both in Japan and in America as well, where the series aired in syndication for almost 20 years.

However, a complete, high-definition collection of this landmark series has never been available in the west, despite the show’s popularity, until last year’s release of Ultraman – The Complete Series.

The Ultraman DVD package is available in two equally stunning styles, a Standard Edition and a Steelbook Edition, each one cast in retro-style of red and white graphics. Embossed with a #2 on the spine, this is the second part of an Ultraman Series collection sure to occupy shelves in fans’ homes for years to come. The 39 episodes are divided across six Blu-ray discs, each one featuring stunning, high-definition remasters of the original Japanese production, complete with English subtitles. In addition to the physical product, each set comes with a code for a digital download of the whole series through MovieSpree. For die-hard Ultra fans, the collection comes with an exclusive 18-page guidebook, featuring behind-the-scenes information, episode guide, and profiles of the most memorable Kaiju, vehicles, and technology used in the series.

Ultraman – The Complete Series is available wherever DVDs are sold, alongside Ultra Q – The Complete Series, Ultraseven – The Complete Series, Ultraman Orb – The Series + The Movie, and Ultraman Geed – The Series + The Movie. Look forward to more great Ultraman Series collections in the near future, courtesy of Mill Creek Entertainment.