The Ultraman and Ultraman 80 Dropping September 14, 2021



Mill Creek Entertainment has just announced the North American DVD debut of The Ultraman and Ultraman 80, considered the final two series in the Classic Ultraman era, and we are more than eager to get our hands on them. Both collections will be on six DVD discs, and each include all 50 episodes of their respective collection.

The Ultraman is the eighth original entry in the Ultraman Series, and the first to be fully animated. Storyline picks up as Terrestrial Defense Force from the Science Guard Party investigate strange sigils that are appearing in the sky. Meanwhile, Choichiro Hikari, from the EDF space station is selected to join the Science Guard Party by Captain Akiyama. As he begins his return to Earth, Hikari is interrupted in space by Ultraman Joneus who offers to join forces and become part-man-part-Ultra-Hero. To save humanity, Hikari agrees and now when the need arises, he has the ability to transform into 70-meter-tall Ultraman Joneus. Long before the time of Lucasfilm’s animated Clone Wars and Marvel’s animated What If…?, The Ultraman was considered canonical to the Ultraman multi-dimensional universe, and Ultraman Joneus has appeared in live-action form many times since his anime debut.

Ultraman 80 is the ninth of the Ultraman Series and features Takeshi Yamato, a student-favorite science teacher at a Tokyo junior high school who doubles as a member of the elite Utility Government Members (UGM). There, Yamato takes on Earth defense tasks, handling alien invasions and battling Kaiju. However, Yamato has a special advantage… When situations get too chaotic, he can transform into the amazing, 50-meter-tall, Ultraman 80! Since the series, Ultraman 80 has appeared in Tsuburaya Productions live shows across Japan and Asia, and more recently has appeared in the Ultra Galaxy Fight series.

These classic stories and more will be available with The Ultraman and Ultraman 80 sets including episode guides, the original Japanese audio, and soundtracks with English subtitles. They will be available for purchase September 14, 2021, each for $34.99. Check out Mill Creek’s web site at: for more information. And tune in to Ultraman Connection for future updates!