Mill Creek Entertainment continues the story of Ultraman Orb with the release of Ultraman Orb The Movie: Let Me Borrow the Power of Bonds!

Released as an epilogue to the events of the Ultraman Orb series, Let Me Borrow the Power of Bonds! catches up with Gai Kurenai, known throughout the universe as Ultraman Orb, after his fateful battle with the horrifying Magatano-Orochi.

Though it seems that the hero has finally exorcised the demons of his past, an encounter with Daichi Oozora (host of Ultraman X) leads him into conflict with the plans of the evil sorceress Murnau, an old foe. With the evil bounty hunter Sadis by her side, and Jugglus Juggler’s Dark Ring in her possession, Gai will have to reach beyond his limits to save the Earth.

Let Me Borrow the Power of Bonds! features a further evolution of the fantastic performances and effects of Ultraman Orb, expanded to cinematic scale. Hideo Ishiguro once more steals hearts and drops jaws in his portrayal of Gai Kurenai, while the return of Takaya Aoyagi as the twisted and charismatic Jugglus Juggler is sure to bring fans back.

In addition, the movie takes the legendary powers of Orb to the next level, with the introduction of the warrior wielding the powers of Ultraman Ginga, Ultraman Victory, and Ultraman X in the form of Orb Trinity.

Ultraman Orb The Movie: Let Me Borrow the Power of Bonds! is notable for being the first time this story has been presented to western audiences. Joined with Ultraman Orb: The Complete Series and Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga, English-speaking audiences can now enjoy the entire Ultraman Orb Chronicle. It is one of the most ambitious projects in the history of the Ultraman franchise, exploring the totality of Orb’s life. The movie has been mastered in high-definition Blu-ray and also contains a code for a digital copy of the film on MovieSpree.