The Rise of Ultraman miniseries from Marvel Comics reaches its midpoint with issue #3, arriving at comic shops everywhere Wednesday, November 4, 2020! This issue will have three amazing covers for fans to choose from, ranging from standard releases to limited editions. Let’s take a look at them all!


The standard cover is drawn by Jorge Molina, who performed the same duties for The Rise of Ultraman issue #2. Molina is a popular comics artist and product designer whose credits include the 2018 Spider-Man crossover event Spider-Geddon, the all-female Avengers series A-Force, and multiple X-Men titles, plus covers for Avengers Assemble and New Mutants. His cover for The Rise of Ultraman issue #3 underscores Marvel’s fresh approach to the Ultraman franchise by depicting the alien hero surrounded by armed and aggressive agents of the United Science Patrol; a sharp contrast to the traditional friendship displayed between the Ultras and Earth’s defense forces.

Furthermore, Ultraman is shown to be human size rather than giant… something that only happened briefly in a single episode of the original 1966 television series! This comic continues to be full of surprises for Ultraman fans, new and old. Adding to the fun, Jorge Molina will return to The Rise of Ultraman with another cover for issue #4.


The first variant cover is drawn by Kim Jacinto, penciler for Amazing Spider-Man, Outlawed and Savage Avengers, and cover artist for Hawkeye: Freefall, Black Widow, and various Thor titles.  Jacinto’s The Rise of Ultraman cover features the Filipino artist’s well-known stylized energy, as Ultraman unleashes the awesome power of his Spacium Beam—complete with sound effects! Only 1 in every 25 copies will use this artwork, making it the hardest to find of the issue #3 covers. If you see it, don’t miss out!


The final variant for The Rise of Ultraman issue #3 is a photo cover using a famous publicity still from the original Ultraman television show. Taken from the series’ 39th—and final—episode, “Farewell, Ultraman,” this cover depicts Ultraman defending the Science Patrol Japan Base from one of his deadliest and most powerful foes, the teleporting Space Dinosaur Zetton! This photo came from the archives of Tsuburaya Productions. To see the episode that this cover is taken from, fans can pick up Ultraman: The Complete Series from Mill Creek Entertainment!

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 The Rise of Ultraman #3 goes on sale on November 4th, 2020, at comic shops everywhere. Make sure to pick it up, and keep your eyes glued to for more news from Tsuburaya Productions and Marvel Entertainment!