If You Missed Ultraman Connection Live, Then You Missed This!

In case you hadn’t heard, Saturday, July 10, 2021, was Ultraman Day, and Tsuburaya Productions, Iceberg Theory, The Licensing Group, and Starlight Runner Entertainment held an incredible live event, Ultraman Connection Live: Ultraman Day. The exclusive online show featured an in-depth talk with the creators of Marvel’s Ultraman miniseries, interviews with three of the incredible stars behind the original Ultraman TV series, and screenings of the original cast’s favorite episodes. The event culminated in an incredible stage fight featuring several fan-favorite Ultras and Kaiju, which was a definite highlight for fans.

The stage show began as the panel featuring original Ultraman actors Susumu Kurobe (Shin Hayata), Hiroko Sakurai (Akiko Fuji), Bin Furuya (Ultraman’s original suit actor), and host Sean Nichols (who played Sean white in Ultraman Max), was suddenly attacked by the deadly Dada (who first appeared in Ultraman Episode 28: “Human Specimens 5 & 6)! In a hilarious callback to his character Shin Hayata’s mistake in Ultraman Episode 34: “A Gift from the Sky,” Susumu Kurobe himself first pulled out a spoon in an attempt to transform into Ultraman before realizing his error and using his Beta Capsule (an authentic replica furnished by Factory Entertainment) to successfully transform. In a wonderful effect, a beam of transforming light swirled around Kurobe there in the studio, just as it did during the series.

Ultraman then appeared and fought Dada in an amazing choreographed sequence with the original show’s theme playing in the background while members of the chat frantically typed “GANBARE!” and “TATAKAE!” (meaning “Hang in there!” and “Fight!” respectively). After exchanging kicks, tackles, and punches, Ultraman weakened Dada and Bin Furuya, the original suit actor for Ultraman, appeared! Furuya and Ultraman then teamed up to fire the iconic Spacium Beam (which again, seemed to fly diagonally across the studio space, not a background LED screen image) defeating Dada completely.

The next Kaiju to appear was Kyrieloid, who made his first appearance in Ultraman Tiga Episode 3: “The Devil’s Prophecy.” It looked as though he was going to attack Ultraman, but Ultraman Tiga arrived with a flying kick to take on his iconic enemy. Fans reacted with excitement pounding Tiga’s catchphrases into the chat and the Japanese lyrics to his theme song! The intense action continued as Ultraman Tiga fought Kyrieloid through acrobatics and precise strikes, before ultimately conquering his foe with an energetic slash and flying off the stage.

Next up was Ultraman Mebius, who appeared complete with his famous Mebium Blade as his transformation sequence played on the screen behind the stage! Fans in the chat recognized his iconic music even before he appeared and messages chanting his name flew by so quickly, they coil barely be read. Here to fight him were Zamsher and Alien Sran who debuted in Ultraman Mebius Episode 16: “A Sword Master from Space” and Ultraman Max Episode 4: “Infinite Invaders” respectively.

As Mebius was dueling Zamsher, Alien Sran slashed him from behind, and the two enemies landed several consecutive strikes utilizing their weapons! Again, the fans recognized which series Alien Sran was from, and began chanting, “MAX MAX MAX,” a reference to the next hero’s theme song! Right on cue, Ultraman Max appeared with his Maxium sword to help Mebius while his theme blasted in the background. Host Sean Nichols who starred as a member of DASH in Ultraman Max also showed his enthusiasm (and possible slight bias) calling Max his “Number one friend” and “the fastest and greatest hero ever!”

The two Ultra Heroes defeated their respective villains in simultaneous slashes, with one user commenting “BEST ULTRAMAN DAY EVER.”

Suddenly, Alien Baltan (Ultraman’s archnemesis who debuted in Ultraman Episode 2: “Shoot the Invaders!”) appeared, revealing himself (in English no less!) to be the mastermind behind the coordinated Kaiju attacks. The live chat speculated as to who could defeat him, raising the names of various Ultra Heroes who might take on the menacing villain. In this moment of dire need, Kengo Manaka appeared on screen with his GUTS Sparklence, and transformed into the newest Ultra Hero, Ultraman Trigger! With the tension dialed up, fans reacted in pure excitement typing “TRIGGER” and the character’s catchphrase “SMILE SMILE.” After an intense fight between the newest Ultraman and one of the series oldest villains, Ultraman Trigger was able to weaken Alien Baltan with his signature Zeperion Beam (a signature attack he shares with Ultraman Tiga)!

Desperate and hurt, Alien Baltan seized the opportunity, declaring that he would take care of all the Ultra Heroes once and for all. He unleashed the creature Tyrant (who was first seen in Ultraman Taro Episode 40: “Surpass the Ultra Brothers!”) which is created from the spirits of the Ultra Brothers’ defeated enemies. Tyrant was so huge, he took up nearly the entire stage, and incredible creation. In the epic culmination of the stage show, the six Ultra Heroes united to battle the Kaiju that towered over them but struggled to take on Tyrant’s might.

Noticing that the Ultra Heroes were close to losing, Sean Nichols implored the audience to help by “Sending their light” on the count of three, causing the chat to explode with everyone screaming “Ultra Charge!” The audience’s energy gave the heroes the power they needed to fight on, and Tyrant was finally defeated with a combined Spacium Beam focused on the power of Ultraman himself!

After the show, social media was abuzz with fans remarking how much fun they had with Ultraman Connection Live: Ultraman Day. The chat and Sean’s responsiveness to it made everyone feel as if they were right there throughout the event, but especially during the stage show—which was a complete bonus surprise.

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