Ultraman Connection Live: Ultraman Day is coming up fast, and it’s bringing with it a number of insane Ultraman-related merch! Throughout this livestreamed event, Saturday, July 10th, 2021, at 8 PM, attendees will have the opportunity to purchase some stunning pieces from a number of amazing companies! Ultraman Galaxy has the inside scoop, so you can help set up your shopping list ahead of time…


FanSets and Ultraman have been thick as thieves for a while now, and many attendees to Ultraman Day will be receiving their signature pins as part of their ticket! As the show goes on, however, you’ll have an opportunity to grab more of FanSets’ amazing pins for your backpack, hat, pinboard; wherever you want! The same great Classic and Anime ULTRAMAN pin selection will be available, but there will also be a never-before-seen collection premiering here at Ultraman Day, by an as yet unnamed worldwide popular artist, known recently for their work in Marvel’s Ultraman comics! We’ll keep some of them a surprise but trust us they’re gorgeous!

It’s a Skin (US Sales Only)

It’s a Skin is one of the country’s largest and most dependable producers of custom vinyl skins and labels, each one designed to help fans bring their favorite series to every part of their life. For Ultraman Day, It’s A Skin has provided a number of amazing products for not just your wall and devices, but your body, too! With three designs of stylish socks, an adorable, stylized poster of a number of classic Kaiju and aliens, and some adorable decals of Ultraman in a SD (Super Deformed) size, there’s something for everyone!

RRParks Cards (US Sales Only)

Fans nearly broke the internet a few months back when RRParks Cards announced their Ultraman Collector Trading Card Set Kickstarter, but many more fans were left unable to grab the highly sought-after collection. Well, fear not, fans, because attendees at the Ultraman Day festivities will be able to obtain a special set of exclusive cards, only available at the show! Get not only the 39-card set (a fitting number, matching the episode count of the original Ultraman show) but also a promo card, as well as a special mystery card even we don’t know about! Supplies will be limited, so don’t miss out!

The Yetee (US Sales Only)

Ultraman fans and The Yetee have certainly been acquainted already, after the slam-dunk line of Ultraman-themed shirts the company released in 2020. At Ultraman Day, The Yetee is back with a full line of special goodies for everybody. Not stopping at stylish shirts (which, rest assured, there will be shirts!), fans will have a chance to purchase a rad mug, as well as a poster of the stunning Ultraman image fans have been seeing all across the 55th Anniversary celebration worldwide.

With products like that, Ultraman Day will have something for everyone, on stage and in shop. Of course, in order to access both, you’ll need to get your tickets before July 10th! First 500 full-price tickets will receive an exclusive FanSets pin! And to see what happens next, you’ll have to keep your eyes on UltramanGalaxy.com!

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