July 10th, 2021, at 8 PM. Fans from all around the world poured into the digital theatre at ultramanconnection.com for a once-in-a-lifetime event. Ultraman Day came and went, and the global fandom rejoiced for almost four hours of nonstop excitement and revelry. Allow us to brief you on the entire event, as well as reveal a few changes of our own here!

We opened with a cool, immersive tour through some kind of museum. By the green hue beyond the venue’s transparent walls, it seemed that we were within the M78 Nebula on the Land of Light! As we moved through the corridors, we saw images of various Ultras from throughout the history of the franchise, ending with the Sevenger fight event from the month before…and Ultraman Trigger!

A Meeting With the Minds of Marvel

The event proper started auspiciously, with Ultraman Galaxy’s own editor-in-chief, EJ, interviewing the creative and editorial staff of Marvel’s Ultraman comic line. As the five creators explained their influences and their own personal history with the various Ultraman series. Even more excitingly, Ultraman Day was the stage by which Marvel announced the third Ultraman miniseries (working title The Mystery of Ultraseven) to follow The Trials of Ultraman, coming in early 2022! To help set the stage for fans new and old, two brand new pictures were revealed, of the coming series’ main hero: Ultraseven! After that, there was one more surprise in the segment, as Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski unboxed a gift from Seismic Toys, the first Ultraman Vinyl Odyssey figure, Jirahs!

On the (Pin)Ball with Matt Frank

After the Marvel segment ended, fans got a fun interstitial surprise, as Matt Frank showed up to talk about his work on Spooky PInball’s new game, Ultraman Kaiju Rumble. Fan-favorite monsters and aliens abound as Matt sold the audience on the hottest game to hit pinball parlors in, well, maybe ever! (Unfortunately for the audience, the game was sold out before the video even came out!)

In the Company of Legends!

The audience was then transported to a studio in Tokyo, Japan, where host Sean Nichols was waiting with a trio of truly tremendous guests. Susumu Kurobe, who played the original Shin Hayata, Hiroko Sakurai, who played Akiko Fuji in the same show, and Bin Furuya, Ultraman’s original suit actor, were in attendance, answering questions and talking about their favorite episodes and moments. Three episodes of the original Ultraman TV series were shown, each a favorite of one of the guests.

Furuya-san’s choice was “The Mysterious Dinosaur Base”, which debuted Jirahs, and an exemplar of the action style of the original show. Sakurai-san’s choice was the sobering “My Home is Earth,” which illustrated the depth of storytelling Ultraman is known for. Fans mourned the loss of this strange Kaiju, Jamila, with its human-like moan. Finally, Kurobe-san chose “Human Specimens 5 & 6,” the bizarre, wacky, sometimes scary debut of the memorable Alien Dada. This rare reunion was lively, warm, and humorous, with fans cheering the actors and episodes in the chat. At the end of this segment, viewers received a warm, pre-recorded greeting from Raiga Terasaka, lead actor of the currently running entry in the series, Ultraman Trigger.

Monsters Attack!

The show’s finale was interrupted, however, when Dada himself leapt onto the stage—an escape from his episode, maybe? The staff rightly fled from the dangerous alien, but Kurobe-san stayed on stage, and pulled out… A Beta Capsule?! Pressing the button, Kurobe-san transformed into Ultraman before audiences’ very eyes and engaged the alien!

From then on, a gauntlet of Ultra Heroes vs. Kaiju began, with Ultraman defeating Dada, followed by Ultraman Tiga arriving to fight off Kyrieloid, and then the team of Ultraman Mebius and Ultraman Max squaring off against Zamsher and Alien Sran! With the Ultras engaged, the true mastermind of the plot, Alien Baltan (speaking English, no less!) arrived, intending to take over the broadcast station. However, he was confronted with an unforeseen obstacle: The newest Ultra Hero, Ultraman Trigger!

Trigger was able to defeat Baltan, but before he was struck down, summoned his trump card, the massive chimeric monster Tyrant! It seemed that all was lost, with Tyrant being too strong for even five Ultras, but with some help from the audience sending their “Ultra Charge” energy, even the Despot Monster was laid low.

Farewell For Now!

With the invasion attempt thwarted, the Ultraman Day celebrations were able to conclude peacefully. Kurobe-san reunited with his fellow guests, saying nothing about his little bout of heroism, and Sean was able to say a joyous goodbye to everyone who attended, after promising to see them again in the soon to be scheduled next Ultraman Connection Live stream.

Speaking of Ultraman Connection…

If you’re reading this article right now, you may have noticed that the site doesn’t say Ultraman Galaxy anymore. Now that Ultraman Connection is one of the major faces of Ultraman in the west, this site will be changing its presentation to match, with content also growing to celebrate Ultraman in all forms! Further changes will be coming in the next few weeks, so watch this space! And now, to stay connected to everything Ultraman, keep your eyes on Ultraman Connection, Your Link to the M78 Universe!