If you haven’t already heard, the Ultraman Connection Live: Sevenger Fight event will be happening on Thursday, June 3, 2021 at 9pm EDT / 6pm PDT. If you aren’t already on the edge of your seat waiting for tickets, then you better start scooching forward. The first 500 full priced admissions will come with an exclusive perk: an epic limited edition Fansets pin of everyone’s favorite giant robot, Sevenger himself.

There are two tiers to admission to the virtual event. You can either snag a $12.50 ticket without a soon-to-be collector’s item (but no Ultra-fan loves the sound of that)—OR you can purchase a $25 ticket and be one of 500 people in the world who can call this enamel Sevenger your own.

Just hit the link to the ticket site: http://www.ultramanconnection.com

This FanSets Sevenger Fight Commemorative Pin is 2½ inches tall and plated with black nickel over a metal base. He’s hand colored with enamel paint, and he is striking his classic dynamic pose, which is a staple in all Fansets collections. Other pins rarely reflect the personality of the characters but with great, nuanced action poses like this, Fansets continues to avoid the typical static stances we see elsewhere.

Allow us to reiterate—these babies are limited edition. They are only available with the purchase of a ticket (plus a shipping fee for international ticket buyers), and out of the 2 million Ultra-fans that are already being notified about this event, only the first 500 will obtain their very own pin. 500 flat! There was no overrun! Fansets will be smashing the mold when this promotion is done, so it’s a Kaiju-eat-Kaiju world out here.

And look, if you don’t make it to the front of the line, it’s okay, we’ve got you covered. On your way out of the virtual event, you’ll have the opportunity to hit a special Ultraman merch store where you will find equally awesome Fansets pins of a plethora of franchise fan favorites, a few of which are depicted above. These are all under $10 plus shipping, with shipping possibly a bit more for any overseas buyers.

In addition to purchasing individual Pins, two specially priced 6-pin collections will be offered. Each collection is comprised of fan favorite Ultras and Kaiju from Classic Ultraman or Anime ULTRAMAN. Can’t decide which collection you want? At this special event price you can afford to buy both!

The Fansets Ultraman line is only just getting under way, and as they expand, so will our collection. We hope you can join us to cheer Sevenger on as he battles some of meanest Kaiju this side of Nebula M78! Remember to keep your eye out for the ticket drop and buckle up for the event we’ve all been waiting for.

Again, the link to purchase tickets is: http://www.ultramanconnection.com