FanSets, producer of premier pins for some of the world’s most popular entertainment franchises, has made a major addition to their catalog with the debut of their line of Classic ULTRAMAN and Anime ULTRAMAN pins.

FanSets has long prided itself on its gorgeous, high-quality metal pins, depicting a number of the most famous and notable science-fiction, fantasy, superhero, and television properties. Hallmark franchises like Star Trek, Alien, DC Comics, and Harry Potter have all chosen to work with FanSets to bring creative, eye-catching characters to consumers.

That legacy has brought FanSets in contact with Ultraman. The outcome of this collaboration is a series of six glossy pins, ranging from Classic ULTRAMAN characters to the dynamic heroes and villains of the recent Anime ULTRAMAN featured on Netflix. Over fifty years of stories in that universe have led to a diversity of characters and images to work with.

From the team at FanSets:


Being half-Japanese and growing up watching Ultraman, the show has always been special to me and it’s an incredible opportunity to actually be making licensed Ultraman products. I love these characters and it will be a fun journey, re-living childhood memories as we produce more and more pins from the Ultraman galaxy.


We recognize that Ultraman is a worldwide brand. FanSets is known for its attention to detail, over-sized pins, affordability and depth of characters we produce. We think that our line will resonate with fans and collectors around the world.

Of course, Ultraman himself is represented on two pins, one with the hero standing tall, and another with him adopting the cross-shaped hand gesture used to fire his legendary Spacium Beam.

The series’ famous Kaiju are also included, with the mighty Gomora in all his saurian glory cutting a powerful pose, as if ready to jump off your lapel.

Ultraman’s allies in the Science Patrol are also represented, with a sharply-dressed SSSP member standing, ready for action.

Finally, fans of the series who have perhaps fantasized about being a member of the Science Patrol themselves can take home an accurate SSSP communicator badge, with its famous “shooting star” design.

In addition, the smash hit Anime ULTRAMAN has also received a pin of the titular Ultraman suit, striking a powerful pose.

Each one of these pins is sharply detailed and reasonably priced, running from $6.95 to $8.95. FanSets has worked its magic to be sure, collaborating with Tsuburaya Productions and The Licensing Group to produce some of the finest pieces of Ultraman Series memorabilia in the West. Keep your eyes on to catch more exciting products and developments from FanSets!