Jumping off from their smash hit Classic Ultraman collection, Mill Creek Entertainment delivers the first of many of the modern era of New Generation Heroes Ultraman series with Ultraman Orb: The Complete Series+Movie!

Originally premiering in 2016 to celebrate Ultraman’s 50th anniversary, Ultraman Orb is the story of Gai Kurenai, a wanderer from a distant star who defends Earth from the threat of the terrifying Lord Monsters. He also must confront dangers from his past, while using the powers of his Ultraman predecessors, “fused” into new forms for him to use. Starring the charismatic, Hideo Ishiguro (who would later go on to great success on the kabuki stage) in the role of Gai, Orb was a massive success that drew untold numbers of old and new fans back to the Ultraman franchise.

In addition, Orb’s reach extended past Japan even during its original time of airing. This was thanks to official English subtitled streaming, resulting in a strong international appeal for the character of Ultraman Orb. To this day, Orb is a North American fan favorite. Despite this global popularity, there has never been a physical collection accessible to the average western consumer…until now.

Finally, fans of Ultraman can own all twenty-five episodes of the series that helped to define the franchise in modern times.

We explore the tragic, complicated relationship between Gai and his old partner, Jugglus Juggler. The series also features the first appearance of the alabaster menace, Galactron, the harbinger of a mysterious foe whose nature would not be made clear for over a year. Begin the journey to uncover Gai’s long, storied past (but to see how that culminates, you’ll have to pick up the separate Mill Creek release, Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga: The Complete Series).

Ultraman Orb: The Complete Series+Movie is an excellent introduction to the fun of the New Generation of Ultraman. Coming with six disks (five episodes on five disks, with the sixth being the first-ever western release of Ultraman Orb the Movie: Let Me Borrow the Power of Bonds, also sold separately), the collection contains a code to get every episode and the movie on MovieSpree. The package also includes a ten-page booklet, containing episode summaries, high-quality images of the various Kaiju that Orb battles, and profiles of the titular Orb’s forms and abilities.