Today, we’re coming to you with an amazing video: an interview with Koichi Sakamoto, director extraordinaire who has helmed numerous entries in the Ultraman franchise, such as Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy: The Movie, Ultraman Ginga S, Ultraman X, Ultraman Geed, and Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes. He’s now working on the newest Ultra Series, Ultraman Z, and with the eighth episode just released, he’s graciously agreed to answer some of our questions!

  • Ultra Galaxy Fight offers a unique opportunity to shoot entire sequences on a “virtual” set. What are the restrictions and freedoms of shooting the series this way?
  • There were very few “human” characters in the series. Did you miss working with the regular cast members, or was it more fun just shooting the Ultras and Kaiju in costume?
  • Tell us your personal favorite Ultra and favorite Kaiju, and why?

Lastly, Sakamoto-san leaves a message to all Ultraman fans.

Watch the whole interview here!

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