Attention to all Ultraman fans! The Ultra Brothers, New Generation Heroes, and other Ultra Heroes are looking for your help!

Tsuburaya is calling for photos and footage of you, the fans, cheering on and supporting your favorite ambassadors from the Land of Light!

We’re looking for the following — but hurry! Time is short!



This footage is to be used for upcoming “Ultraman Foundation” to be shown on the Tsuburaya Official YouTube Channel, as well as for stage shows to be performed during the “ULTRA HEROES EXPO” in Japan later this year!

  • Application Ends: November 30, 2020
  • Eligibility: Anyone who loves Ultra Heroes! (minors under the age of 20, must have consent from parent or legal guardian)
  • Age Restriction: 15 years old or younger
    • If taken with family members or friends over 15 years old, then such members do not apply for restrictions
    • We accept photos from your childhood, if you are over the age restriction.
  • Content:
    • Video, featuring the Ultra Charge
    • Photo, featuring trademark Ultraman poses (any kind of Ultraman poses, such as an appearance pose, blasting Ultra beam, etc.)

 To apply, click here!

Legal Notes

  • Rights concerning with Movies and Photos submitted
  • Applicants are required to submit and apply, only after obtaining any approval in advance, for the rights of videos and photos and other portrait and copyrights of the person in such videos and photos.
  • In addition, please refrain from submitting any videos with slander, defamation, or other infringing act of others.
  • Applicant shall defend, indemnify and hold Tsuburaya Productions and Ultraman Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “Fund”) harmless from and against all third party claims arising out of or relating to the submitted videos and photos, and shall settle all such claims at the applicant’s responsibility and expenses.
  • Copyrights to the videos and photos will be reserved to applicants or other rights holders, but the Fund will be deemed to have been licensed for use as set forth in the following “Handling of Videos and Photos”.

Handling of Videos and Photos

  • Videos and photos submitted from “application form”, may be used (with edited use) on ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube channel, and the Fund’s publicity services.
  • For the stage presentation reasons, we may edit the submitted video data.

Personal Information

  • Submitted personal information will be used only to the extent required for the operation of this activity, such as communications related to this application, based on the handling of personal information and privacy policy ( stipulated by Tsuburaya Productions.

Other Notes

  • Please refrain from wearing T-shirt, cap, etc. of characters of other entities.
  • We will not return the video/photo data you submitted.
  • Changes or cancellations after the application are unacceptable.
  • We do not accept any inquiries on status or results of selection on this activity.
  • We may amend this regulation without any notice to the applicant, if it is deemed necessary to do so.
  • Internet connection fee and communication fees for this application will be borne by the applicant.