Bioworld, the industry leader at bringing the best of pop culture merch to fans, has added Classic ULTRAMAN to its retail hub, ATSUKO. Seeking an experiential spot for lovers of Japanese pop culture, Bioworld brought Atsuko to life in 2019 to feature exclusive officially licensed merchandise.

For 20 years, Bioworld has embraced and embodied a singular vision—to produce fashionable apparel and accessories for fans around the globe who want to display exclusive designs of their favorite pop culture icons. With licensed partners running the gamut from anime like My Hero Academia and Mobile Suit Gundam to superheroes like Batman and movies like Back to the Future, Bioworld continues to hook fans up with picture perfect representations of their many faves.

The Atsuko Ultraman capsule is a select collection of shirts designed to provide a stylish, retro snapshot of the 1966 series. Four designs are printed across seven classy tops, featuring such iconic images as the “Ultra Beam” Ultraman adopting his signature cross-shaped finishing pose, and the “Beam Back Hit” with the Classic series logo against a swirling red vortex, and the Giant of Light himself watching your back, ready to fire his devastating Spacium Beam!

When asked about the upcoming Atsuko-exclusive ULTRAMAN line, Bioworld gave the following response:

“We are committed to delivering official products to fans everywhere and anywhere. Atsuko launched an awesome Ultraman Capsule Collection this week and our fans are loving it. There’s more cool Ultraman merchandise to come at Atsuko, as well as retailers. Our motto day in, day out, is FANDOM FOREVER!”

With a declaration like that, it’s a safe bet that even more attire from Bioworld is on the horizon; but for now, the only place to pick up the coolest new shirts on the block is at Atsuko! And the best place to find all the latest Classic ULTRAMAN news and product information is!