From: the new editor-in-chief of Ultraman Galaxy

To: All you fans.

As I take over the role as editor-in-chief for this website, I want to do several things…

First and foremost, I want thank all of you who are here reading the content on Ultraman Galaxy. You’re the reason I’m here, and it’s your passion for all things Ultraman that makes such a site possible.

Secondly, I want to ask that if you are interested in certain content, products, characters, stories, or mysteries, that you email us here at UG. Although this site is designed to provide official news from Tsuburaya Productions and the Ultraman universe, we also want the fans to help guide this content, and while certain mysteries cannot be revealed, we will do our best to give you whatever we can.

That’s because, lastly, I want to make a confession that ties into both of those: I came into Ultraman as a neophyte, and am still learning on the job.

Oh, sure, I’d heard of Ultraman. It’s hard to be completely ignorant of a global icon. There was always light chatter about the character and the franchise in the Before Times of Prodigy Forums that I frequented to discuss all manner of geeky topics (in those antediluvian days, it was Magic: The Gathering and Image Comics… so some things never change). I’d played the Super Nintendo game, even. But that was about it.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that much of the content that I liked had been borne out of Ultraman. Voltron (or rather, the remashed Beast King GoLion) took much inspiration from The Ultraman. The X-Files, among much else, was a modern day American retelling of Ultra Q. Meanwhile, every gigantic monster in Power Rangers (and knock-off thereof) owes a massive debt of gratitude for the innovations by Eiji Tsuburaya and his team during the early years of the franchise.

Things went deeper than that, however. The world of Ultraman has always been one grounded in hope, compassion, and bravery. Wrapping them together was superheroism, mystery, and galaxy-spanning adventure, traits that are now global fuel for media thanks to the Avengers and Doctor Who. It was Tsuburaya’s genius to infuse these elements so deeply into the mythos of Ultraman that the series could replicate itself innumerable times and never lose sight of what it was. This mirrored the works by other media creators at this period in time, from Gene Roddenberry to Ursula K. Le Guin, who saw the cynicism around them and decided to dream of something more.

These are the kinds of aspirational worlds that inspired me as a child and continue to inspire me today. While I binge Ozark and Tiger King like the rest of us in these times of self-isolation, I find myself drawn back to shows like Psych, Futurama, and—most recently—The Mandalorian. The characters in these shows are flawed, sure, but they live in worlds that I want to inhabit. They tell stories that are interesting, engaging, dark, and ripe for discovery.

That was what struck me when Tsuburaya Productions and The Licensing Group first engaged Starlight Runner Entertainment with helping them to extend the Ultraman story world: the underpinnings that spoke to me as a creator and a fan. I must admit that, at first, I was overwhelmed. This was a fifty-plus year-old franchise, with countless permutations and interpretations, not to mention every series, film, side story (gaiden), remix, and much-else. What immediately came to the forefront in each instance was the concerted effort by everybody on the team to continue to create a world that felt cohesive, real, and boundless.

Part of our credo is that we like to create entire worlds to explore. We want fans to get what they want out of their favorite stories, so we try to build universes deep enough that the narrative explorers among us can get lost. Ultraman is that kind of story world; just look to the new section on the website, titled The Q Files, that details all the mysteries and boundless wonders that Ultraman has to offer. The way that this kind of content inspires shows in the passions of its lifelong fans. It shows in how the franchise continues to win over new fans, like me, to this day.

And that’s why I wanted to thank you and ask you to tell us what you want. It’s your love of all things Ultraman that keeps these stories going, so it should be you who is guiding this ship. I’m merely the man at the tiller, excited to discover all of this along with you as we travel into known and unknown waters.