“To protect the peace on Earth, now is the time for all of us to unite!”

These are the words of Ultraman himself, who has delivered a heartfelt message to the children of the world and their parents in the midst of the coronavirus global pandemic. In the video, released with English subtitles on April 12, 2020, Ultraman projects sympathy and confidence, acknowledging the difficult times we are all experiencing. He revisits the “5 Ultra Oaths,” which were first featured in the final episode of The Return of Ultraman series way back in 1971. The oaths were originally designed to promote good habits in children.

Produced by the Ultraman Foundation, a children’s charity affiliated with Tsuburaya Productions, the new video of Ultraman is meant to reassure young people and their parents that “there are many people all over the world fighting to protect us” and that “we want everyone to challenge themselves to do what they can.” The new oaths directly address personal hygiene, and physical and psychological safety during these weeks of uncertainty.

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A message from Ultraman: The Five Ultra Oaths 2020【ULTRAMAN FOUNDATION】

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