We’re loving the Livestream with the cast of Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga series, which is about to debut July 10! The video for the Livestream has been added to the ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel, but it’s only in Japanese, so here are our top 10 take-aways from the event…

  1. The cast and main director of the new Trigger series were announced, and they are AWESOME!!!

All the stars bring their own “flavor” – whether hot, beautiful, charming, dapper or hilarious. They were joking about how every single one of the actors could be a “moodmaker” (a person who is so funny, charismatic, and electrifying that they set the mood for any space they walk into!). And you could tell – they were having so much fun, going in and out of character to talk about what it’s like to bring Trigger to life on set.

The actors and roles are:

Raiga Terasaka as Kengo Manaka

Runa Toyoda as Yuna Shizuma

Shunya Kaneko as Akito Hijiri

Tadashi Mizuno as Tesshin Sakuma

Meiku Harukawa as Himari Nanase

Katsuya Takagi as Seiya Tatsumi

Kei Hosogai as Ignis

Shin Takuma as Mitsukuni Shizuma

Main Director Koichi Sakamoto

  1. Many of the actors grew up watching Ultraman and are living out their childhood dreams right before our eyes!

So many of the actors commented that they were practically raised on Ultraman. They talked about what it felt like to be selected for the roles, and what a dream it was stepping up to join the historical team in this new series. The enthusiasm made for a super fun event and will definitely make for an exciting show to watch – there’s nothing better than watching an actor truly in their element.

  1. Shin Takuma and Runa Toyoda and will be starring in father-daughter roles, Yuna Shizuma and Mitsukuni Shizuma

The two of them joked about the roles, and Shin stayed in character as the “dad” talking about which cast members he could imagine trying to steal his daughter’s heart – and which he was, err, not at all worried about:

As Yuna’s dad I’ve got to keep a sharp eye on the two handsome boys in our squad, but with Tesshin and the Captain, I’ve got nothing to worry about. Those two are no threat. (lol)

Anyway… Shin and Runa were kidding around so naturally during the show, they really felt like family!

4-5. We got a look at the costumed characters AND found out the voice actors for the new costumed characters.

We got some wild ones appearing on this series! First, the sassy Alien Metron Marluru. Then on the opposite end of the creature spectrum, Ultraman will have to deal with Carmeara the Captivating Warrior, Darrgon the Herculean Fighter, and Hudram the Agile Tactician, the three Dark Giants who have resurfaced and are back after 30 million years in some kind of epic hibernation…

And the voice actors!!!

M・A・O, who is voicing Marluru, debuted as a voice actress in 2012, and has also worked in tokusatsu TV as well. She’s starred in all kinds of works, from a Fist of the North Star franchise to the recent Beastars and brings so much natural power to everything she voices. Can’t wait to see what she does with the sassy Marluru!

Sumire Uesaka, who debuted in 2011 as a voice actor, then in her music career in 2013, is a Rookie of the Year Award winner and has voice acted in a ton of awesome since then – everything from anime like Hozuki’s Coolheadedness to games in the Street Fighter and Final Fantasy series.

Shunichi Maki will be voicing Darrgon, with his booming voice and larger-than-life personality. We’re anticipating some show-stealing performances for this dark giant…

And Ryosuke Takahashi, who is voicing Hudram, has acted and voice acted both on stage and in anime, for cross-media productions like SSSS.GRIDMAN.

The blend of veterans and relative newcomers means talent we can count on along with the thrill of seeing what the comparative newcomers can add to the Ultraman formula!

  1. We got our first look at a scene from the new series: the transformation scene was seen live on air. Ultraman Trigger rose to the sky!

Need we say more? Kids around the world will have a new scene to act out in parks, back yards, and school yards for years to come.

  1. The geniuses in the lab are releasing a toy version of the “GUTS Sparklence” for sale starting the day of the series launch (July 10)!

Putting the most sophisticated, high-tech Ultraman gear in civilian hands. Spark up some bad guys and spark up the imagination! Let’s hope it’s available in all countries!

  1. The opening and ending theme songs for Ultraman Trigger have been revealed!

The opening theme, Trigger by the hot young artist Takao Sakuma will open the series. Takao just debuted in January this year with his single “Chase the Core” and now Ultraman??? We can expect a stellar trajectory for this up-and-comer on the J-Pop scene.

And the ending theme, Nanairo no Tane (Rainbow Seeds) by ChouCho, comparatively a veteran of J-Pop and anime music. ChouCho is known for her songs made for mystery anime like Hyouka, Haruchika, and more.

  1. The main director Koichi Sakamoto and the team worked on an Ultra-cool new transformation pose.

The new transformation pose was demonstrated by Raiga Terasaka with voice over and sound effects (see 32:10 of the YouTube video). Along with the catchphrase was (roughly translated) “Build the future, the light of hope!” before a thunderous “Ultraman Trigger!” yell. We Ultraman fans live for moments like this.

  1. For the coup de gras, the new Ultraman himself appeared and demonstrated the finishing move of Multi Type known as the “Zeperion Beam” (introduced in the Tiga Series). 

Director Sakamoto led the entire team in acting out the 4-part move – and Shin Takuma found himself doing an Ultra Beam move for the first time in 55 years! (Check out Sakamoto’s instructions starting at 36:28 to follow along – and master this move yourself!)

There was so much more packed into this hour of livestream – but the main takeaway was that Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga is going to massively brighten up summer of 2021! Can’t wait for the actual premiere!